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Sensovida Aura, the activity bracelet that protects against aggressors

You can protect against attackers because you have an option to send an alert to whoever you want

The Spanish company Sensovida has launched to the market a activity bracelet, that in addition to controlling our daily activity, can protect against attackers since it has a choice of send an alert if the user presses without releasing the screen, or by pressing four times in a row.

The bracelet is called Sensovida Aura, a bracelet that can help the most vulnerable.

To work properly, the user will have to have an application installed Sensovida Aura, on your SmartPhone (only Android) while the person to whom you want to send the alert will have to install another call Sensovida Aura protector

You can see the bracelet working in the following video:

Application alert modes


Nobody will know that you have pressed it. Your mobile will send your position in real time, while sending audio to your contact or control center. Your mobile will keep the screen off and no one will be able to tell, even if you are looking at your mobile.


For situations in which a hostile attitude has been initiated by the attacker, we send GPS position, audio, and also your phone emits a dissuasive speech while communicating with a contact or control center

How are the applications?

The activity bracelet

In addition to these functions has the usual monitoring with these functions:

  • Pedometer
  • Keystrokes
  • Calories
  • Sleep monitor
  • Clock
  • Incoming call notification (Coming soon)
  • Push notifications (Coming soon)
  • Remote control of the camera (Coming soon)

Sensovida Aura is a product of Sensovida, company dedicated to the development of technology for the care of people, with customers in all Spanish cities.

Sensovida Aura is available by 49 euros on the web, where they offer some tips of use depending on the type of aggression that we are suffering.

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