Sierra Nevada Triathlon, "is not that I thought or designed something wild. I just found it "



On July 24, the first edition of the world's hardest triathlon in its category will be held in Sierra Nevada, as it runs along the highest road in Europe. It was born with the full intention of finding a place among the great challenges for triathletes.

Ivan Martinez de Campos, director of the event, apart from practicing triathlon, has crossed the Atlantic 3 times sailing, climbed Mont Blanc and now his new challenge is the Sierra Nevada Triathlon, everything indicates that it will be a great " adventure".

From Trimadrid we have asked you some questions that will surely make you think about going to this triathlon.

How did the idea of ​​doing a triathlon in Sierra Nevada come about?

The idea of ​​doing the Sierra Nevada triathlon came about 4 years ago, when I learned about the existence of the Alpe D'Huez triathlon. Even so, the project did not gain momentum until 2010, when I finally decided to move it forward.
I found something that I already sensed, but did not know for sure: its hardness. Not that he was looking for and designing something wild. I just found it.

The highest road in Europe, some beastly ports, the highest mountains in the Iberian Peninsula and all in a unique setting, with the beauty of Sierra Nevada and its towns and of course the Canales reservoir, with turquoise green waters and its history.
It was finally summed up in the first triathlon in Spain with a high finish and the hardest in the world in its distance.

At first, many friends to whom I mentioned them, they called me crazy. And I agree, it has been crazy, but it turns out that my target audience is "crazy", to continue with this adjective, in an affectionate way.

Tell us how this triathlon goes

The triathlon begins under the new town of Canales, in the waters of the reservoir of the same name and on which the old town rests in peace.
There will be 2 exits, for the Corto 1500m. and the Largo 2500m.


Both will swim to the rock islet, known as Cueva de Las Palomas, they will skirt it and back. A spectacular transition awaits you, it is a 900m climb, with fantastic views and a picturesque tunnel, dug into the rock.

It will undoubtedly be one of the hallmarks of the Sierrra Nevada triathlon.
Family and friends will be able to follow the triathletes and encourage them on the climb.
After T1 it is 46km for the Short and almost 90 for the Long. Both, after a quick descent, share the first pass, El Purche. It is one of the mythical ports of the return to Spain.

Those from El Corto will continue going up on the way to the ski resort, while the Largo will have to go down and face the great unknown, EL Duque. Narrow road, tunnels in the rock, forest with trees intertwining over our heads and a wild point that will make people talk. 20km of port to T2 in Plaza de Andalucía.

The race on foot climbs through the urbanizations in a “zig-zag” during the first 4km, then passes from the North hill to the South, reaching the telescope's more than 2.800m altitude, which coincide with the hardest ramps. This is km 13, there are 8 to go. You have to dose to get down in condition.

Yesterday you did a recognition of the bike circuit with Ruben Bravo, what was your impression?

The recognition of the terrain yesterday with Ruben Bravo was great, 30 triathletes were encouraged and all agreed to emphasize how hard and spectacular it will be.

Someone asked me if I was aware of the monster I have created and I answered them that when I said "the toughest in the world" at the time, it was not just talking.

After the bike, Ruben and his group ran, then we ate and went down to Canales, we swam to the islet and they loved the place and even more so the transition. It will be spectacular!

In your opinion, what is the hardest and most decisive part of this triathlon?

Transition first. He is going to make them leave T1 with holes between all of them.
As a port, the first 3 kms from the Duque and the last 3 before entering Sierra Nevada from above. I do not know if it will be the more than 2.000m high, the accumulated kilometers, or that you relax thinking that you are, but it is the territory of the man with the Mallet. And finally, the arrival at the telescope.

How are you going to organize the audience of the test?

From Saturday morning we hope to experience a great atmosphere. A Tri expo is organized, next to the finish area, and in addition Sierra Nevada has a very good and comfortable offer for everyone, without forgetting the · little ones. Pool, Russian sled ...
For our part, we offer you the possibility of getting off the bus to the starting area and thus being able to see the water section and the transition.

From T1 you will go up to one of the key sites, the Dornajo aid station, after the Puerto del Purche and finally to T2, there you can go up by cable car to the upper part of the station and get off in time to see them reach the finish line. and enjoy a giant paella.
The price of the bus for the companions is 10 and the paella ticket 5 euros.
Each athlete is entitled to a cable car pass for one companion.

What is the Ying Yang Circuit?

The next test we organize is the Half de Canet, on October 2. It is the second edition and the first for our team, at the head of the organization.
The course is very flat, very fast, ideal to make a good mark in the middle of Ironman.

Quite the opposite of the Tri de Sierra Nevada: It is his "Yang".

They are 2 opposite tests, hence the Ying Yang circuit. The times of both tests will be added, as if it were a 2-stage race. Long and Half Tri Canet and
Corto and Half Tri Canet, with this I hope to encourage many triathletes who have not yet made the leap to the medium distance and that if they are able to do the Corto de Sierra Nevada, they are more than capable of going for a medium.


All the information about the test can be found at this link

Remember that is raffling a race number, if you want to participate click here

Quote that promises to be spectacular, for its landscapes and its extreme hardness. If you are passionate about this sport, this is a challenge that you cannot miss.

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