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Do you want to see the Xterra World Championship live?

The next 28 of October will be played in Maui the XTERRA World Championship where the Spaniards Javier Gómez Noya, Eneko Llanos and Víctor del Corral have options to obtain the world title.

This spectacular race consists of 1,5 km of swimming, followed by 30,4 km of mountain bike on a hard and very technical circuit ending with 9,5 km of running race through forests with evergreen trees of 60 feet tall, fallen trees, and right at the end of the route, 250 meters through the sand of the beach turning into this type of competition in a very tough race.

As a great favorite, the South African Conrad Stoltz, who already saw him compete in Spain last 2011, in the Spanish Championship of Triathlon Cros held in El Anillo (Cáceres) and to which we are sure that the Spaniards will not make it easy .

In the female category, we will not be able to see any Spanish competition, although we do have the presence of the Chilean Barbara Riveros, Olympic triathlete in London 2012 who currently resides in Galicia and is trained by Omar as well as Javier Gómez Noya.

You can follow the race live from the 21: 00 of the night (Spanish time) in lto XTERRA website and on Twitter with the hashtag # XTERRAMaui.


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