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They are still looking for a 43-year-old swimmer who disappeared on a swimming trip

It has been missing for a week

The swimmer's quest Ezequiel Bermejo continues after a week of his disappearance in the swim across the Rio Mar in Argentina.

This journey has a distance of 10 kilometers and its main characteristic is that it swims in fresh and salt water.

His friends have joined the search for Ezekiel

His friends and family have joined the search tasks, according to the daily4v.

"Friends and family of Ezequiel have decided this weekend to go back to Necochea to continue raking with staff of the Operations and Emergency Center (COE) arranged by the Necochense municipality to find our friend".

«That day we were 550 swimmers who participated in the test with the accompaniment of 200 kayaks, and we only reached the coast 430, since 120 abandoned because they suffered from severe hypothermia, crashed, or did not endure the giant waves that had to cross" said.

«I came in at number 20, and for the first time in this type of competition I could see that many of those who competed abandoned half way because the sea conditions were not suitable for swimming"He stressed.

Relatives and friends of Ezequiel Bermejo arrive in Necochea to help in their search / Ezequiel Bermejo

Many athletes were heard, ask for help

«From the middle of the sea I heard many colleagues ask for help because they could not bear the cold of the water, and on the shore the ambulances and trucks -equipped with thermal blankets- were not enough to transport the competitors to the hospital or to some first aid room.".

Ezekiel's friend related that «lThe waves were so giant that they would not let us move forward, the sea was not for an amateur race".

The Operations Center continues to search for you

In the last hours, the Municipality reported that the Operations and Emergency Center, set up after the disappearance of the man, was continuing its work, with the collaboration of the local branch of the Red Cross, the Radio Club, lifeguards, Provincial Firefighters and Buenos Aires Civil Defense, and with the deployment of "drones from day 1".

"In this sense, the Civil Defense of the Province has made a great effort and raking from the air, even with thermal cameras, but without showing a positive result.”, Indicated the commune.

Grignaschi was very sorry for what happened and said that «lEzequiel's sister (Soledad) spent the whole week in Necochea tracking hours and hours in her truck, so it would be good if specialized divers jump into the water to continue the search".

«All together we can reinforce this raking, we do not lose hope and we will be from sun to sun looking for our friend who always stood out for his level of competence"He concluded.

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