The RaceRanger Antidrafting System will be implemented in the Ibiza 2023 World Cup

The Ibiza 2023 World Multisport Championship will have the implementation of the draft detection system RaceRanger, with the goal of assist technical officials in monitoring possible drafting situations.

After several tests this season the system is ready to test it in the Long Distance World Championship 2023 in May.

Adjustments and improvements after testing in New Zealand and Australia

James Elvery, CEO and co-founder of RaceRanger, comments on the cofficial statement:

"We learned quite a bit in our test events. We faced some challenges that required solutions, and most importantly, we got direct feedback from athletes and technical officials who shared their experiences with the system in competitive conditions.

The most significant adjustment was in the buffer areas. Changed the references of the different colored lights and the distance thresholds to change color.

Currently, there is a Red light that is activated by pedaling within 12 meters of the drafting area, a azul for the final warning 2 meters between 12 and 14 meters, and a orange for a first contact of 3 meters between 14 and 17 meters.

The current product, which will be used in Ibiza, is ready to be used in high-level competitions as a support for officials"

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