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If you participate in 3 Challenge events, you can be in The Championship

300 Slots will be available for age groups as long as they participate in 3 Challenge tests

Challenge Family has announced its new program "Loyalty Slots"Where any athlete participating in 3 Challenge events this year, may request one of the 300 Loyalty slots to participate in The Championship to be held in Samorin (Slovakia) next June 3

Classification system

  • This system will be available to any athlete of the age group who participates in three (3) or more Challenge Family races (Half or Full) within the qualification period for the THECAMPIONSHIP.
  • Loyalty Slots are available for any old athlete regardless of their arrival or completion time in the tests, as long as they have participated in a minimum of three (3) or more Challenge events within the qualification period.
  • Athletes will be required submit an application (by email) and demonstrate that they registered and started three Challenge races within the qualification period.
  • A total of 300 Slots will be available in order of request.
  • Upon receiving the request of the first 300 qualifiers the athlete will receive a registration code to register for the THECAMPIONSHIP

Further information: http://www.thechampionship.de/

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