Sural Official Sponsor of Challenge Barcelona and Vitoria

SURAL has become the official sponsor of CHALLENGE BARCELONA AND VITORIA 2013, this year being the Half-Challenge test, European Championship of Half Distance Triathlon. Through this agreement SURAL will be in charge of designing and making all the merchandising kits for 2013, a guarantee of quality that joins the CHALLENGE brand in Spain.



SURAL is a company dedicated to the creation, manufacture, distribution and sale of technical textile material, mainly focused on the field of cycling, running and triathlon.


From his passion for sport born the challenge of combining technology and innovation to offer a quality product as a basis to create clothes as advanced as affordable for the triathlete. A philosophy of creation and improvement that it shares with the brand Challenge, focused year after year on a continuous work to offer the best for and for the triathlete.


SURAL and CHALLENGE will soon present their new collection.


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