Susana Rodríguez Champion of the World of paraduatlón honored by the University of Santiago

After traveling 5 kilometers on foot, 20 by bicycle and another 2,5 on foot, Susana Rodríguez Gacio, a second-year medical student with a severe visual impairment, was proclaimed world champion of paraduathlon in Gijón. He competed with 1.150 athletes from 35 countries. He has competed since 1998 and is his greatest success. Now he belongs to the Cidade de Lugo Fluvial Triathlon Club, and the USC Swimming Club. Yesterday, a month after that success, the dean, Juan Gestal, received her at the Faculty; Vice-deans Víctor Arce and José Carreira; and the secretary, Luis Lima.

The sport also caused him troubles, such as being left out of the 2008 Beijing Games "for bureaucratic reasons," he explained. Now his favorite sport is triathlon, and he stands out especially in swimming. She is convinced that this will be a "spectacular Paralympic discipline."


This young woman overcomes the challenges of sport, and aspires to dedicate herself to the practice of medicine in endocrinology and nutrition, family medicine or rheumatology, three specialties that interest her much more than surgery or the laboratory, she indicated.


Santiago, the «second house»

To achieve this, he looks at other people with the same problem, such as one in Andalusia who finished the Mir in endocrinology, and another in Barcelona who is in the fifth year. Medicine "is a career that has everything: research, care and being close to people," he explained to the senior officials of the Faculty.

Since she was little, she showed an inclination for Pharmacy, Medicine or Nursing because, she maintained, "without health the rest of the things are not.

Medicine is "difficult" for him because it "takes a long time to work." But "the University is a very important part of my life." He values ​​Santiago already as his «second home». Accustomed to sporting triumphs, she described yesterday's day as "a pride" because Juan Gestal and his team dedicated "part of their time to having received me."

Gestal presented her with a book, a history of the spas of Galicia from 1700 to 1936, and emphasized the interest of these establishments for health and development: Galicia and Northern Portugal have an enormous wealth of mineral-medicinal waters that will be tourist attraction. He highlighted Susana's "firmness, stubbornness and perseverance", in addition to her "tenacity" that make her an "example for her colleagues," he said.


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