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The Spanish Championship is suspended in Boiro

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They were going to celebrate the Duathlon Spain Championships by Clubs and Mixed Relays, but it is suspended due to weather forecasts. Their new dates are the 24 and 25 of March.

The organization has sent us the following statement:

Since the organization of the Spanish Championship Duathlon Championship for Clubs and Mixed Relays of Boiro, together with the Spanish Triathlon Federation and the Galician Triathlon Federation, we are obliged to make the decision of postponement of the test scheduled for this weekend due to the bad weather forecasts announced for this weekend and thinking about the security of all the parties involved, athletes, public, volunteers, etc.

The decision has been made in the morning to try to provoke the minimal possible disorders to all participants and avoid having to travel with these weather forecasts.

According to the official forecasts of Aemet there is a Orange alert (called significant risk) for Boiro from the 15 hours on Saturday with gusts of wind up to 100km / h and coastal phenomena that would directly affect the cycling circuit.

Next we copy the updated forecast to Thursday 8 of March to the 12h:

news_08_prevision-time-championship-spain-boiro The Spanish Championship is suspended in Boiro News Triathlon

From this very moment that we elaborated the statement we started to work again so that within 15 days we managed to get rid of the bad taste in our mouths and all the disruptions experienced both to the organization of the event and to the participants who had the illusion of competing this end of week offering the best championship in Spain possible and with full safety conditions for athletes

Photo: FETRI

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