Suspended Jaca-Candanchú Winter Triathlon

 The Mayencos Pyrenees Club has decided suspend el Jaca Winter Triathlon, which was already postponed in its day and it was decided to do in April. But 'before the impossibility of the organization to guarantee a competition with the minimum demandable quality, it has been decided to suspend the test, summoning the athletes for the edition of 2014 ', as explained by the organization.



From Mayencos-Triathlon have indicated that after the postponement, because of the excess snow of the Winter Triathlon Jaca-Candanchú that should have celebrated the past 16 of February, the organization of the test began to work to find an alternative date. To avoid the coincidence and closeness in dates with other competitions of the same modality, there was no more possibility than to postpone until the month of April. Almost a month and a half later the expectations have not been met. On the one hand, for most triathletes the winter season is over, changing to the duathlon and triathlon modes.


For this reason the format was changed, thinking that the change from cross-country to cross-country ski would attract another type of athlete, mountain skiers. However, the proximity to mountain skiing competitions, even in the Valle del Aragón, may be one of the reasons for the slow pace of the inscriptions. There has even been the coincidence in the same weekend with another competition of similar characteristics to be held in the Benasque Valley


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