Tokyo Olympics postponed due to coronavirus

After an IOC emergency meeting, the Tokyo Games will not take place this summer,

After an IOC emergency meeting, the Tokyo Games will not take place this summer,

According to reports 20 minutes the International Olympic Committee has decided today Sunday the definitive postponement of the Tokyo Games

It has been given 4 weeks to determine which scenario is decided. Keeping them on July 24 seems almost out of the question.

At the moment there is no date and it is possible that they will not take place in 2020.

According to the agency 'Reuters', the organizers of Tokyo 2020 have begun to draft possible alternatives to the celebration of the Games this summer.

"We are making alternative plans, plans B, C, D, considering different postponement periods".

According to the agreement between the IOC and the city of Tokyo, the organizing city could cancel the contract as long as it does so within the 120 days prior to the Games  and have no ability to solve the problem.

The risk is more than 2.800 million euros in national sponsorship, a record in the Olympic Games, and some 11.160 million invested in the preparations.

Coronavirus has wiped out world sport

The coronavirus crisis has led to suspension of practically all events, leagues and professional tests in the coming months and the Olympics were among the few competitions that resisted.

Finally, the preparation of athletes, since it is impossible for many to train, it has been the fdetermining actor for cancellation this year.

In recent weeks, the International Olympic Committee had trA message of calm and optimism has been delivered, maintaining at all times that the appointment of Tokyo was to be disputed in its original deadlines.

However, the emergency situationay the complaints from several sports groups that were even willing to resign, has made the IOC reconsider.

The movement # Tokio2021

The athletes had joined under # Tokio2021 to request the postponement of the games,

The current Olympic badminton champion, Carolina Marín, the walkers Marta Pérez and Álvaro Pérez, the sailor Blanca Manchón or the tritleta Fernando Alarza They had been some of the Spanish athletes who have raised their voices against the dispute of the Games in just four months.

You can follow the initiative in Spanish with the hanstag # Tokio2021 or in English with #Tokyo2021


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