Tamara Gómez retires from the professional triathlon

The Spanish international triathlete Tamara Gómez has published on its social networks that it has made the decision to quit professional sports due to a Popliteal vein entrapment in both legs.

This pathology, requires a risky operation, has led her to make the decision to leave high-level sport.

Tamara debuted with the Spanish national team at the age of 19 and has achieved very good performances, achieving a victory in the Mooloodaba World Cup, as well as several Spanish Championships, a bronze medal in the European Sprint Championship, among other victories.

From Triathlon News we wish you the best in this new stage.

This has been his publication in networks:

«Many things have happened in recent months but here I am only going to tell you one.

After the popliteal entrapment surgeries I have not been able to train/live practically a single day without pain or discomfort.

I could wear it more or less, but last year the injuries to the soleus and calf muscles got worse, and at the end of the year I had bone edema in both tibias doing very little running volume.

After seeing several specialists, I contacted Dr. Serrano again, who operated on me for the entrapment of the popliteal artery and, after several tests, we know that I have entrapment in the popliteal vein in both legs, as a result of the internal scars due to surgeries to free the artery.

The solution would be a new operation to free the vein, but this poses many risks to the integrity of my legs and a high probability of not looking good, so it is ruled out.

So, with all the pain in my heart, high-level sport is over for me.

I feel that I had many things left to do, but life sometimes insists that something does not have to be. I have done everything possible because yes, and when you do everything in your power, you cannot demand anything more from yourself.

Thanks to all of you who have passed through my life these years, because all the experiences, bad or good, have been part of this wonderful stage. And those who continue to be and will continue, that is the true gift.

I'm going to strive for the next stage of my life to be at least half as exciting as this one has been."


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