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Tamara Gómez, sixth in the Cozumel World Cup

Etienne Diemunsch and Nicola Spirig get the victory

This Sunday the Mexican town of Cozumel has hosted a new round of the ITU Triathlon World Cup disputed in distance sprint, in which the Spaniards have stood out throughout the competition, in a day in which Tamara Gómez he has achieved a splendid sixth place after a brilliant run on foot.

The Spanish continues to show good progress in this season finale, after the subchampion of Spain obtained in mid-September. Gómez begins to recover sensations after a season in which he has not been able to offer his best level due to the injuries he has suffered.

After fast swimming by a segment of 750 m, Carolina Routier, Ainhoa ​​Murua and Miriam Casillas were placed in the head group with Tamara Gómez installed in the pursuit platoon. Entry the third of the four laps of the cycling sector, the pursuit block reached the leaders and a platoon of 55 triathletes entered jointly in the T2.

During the remaining 5 km of running, the group remained agglutinated, until in the absence of a lap, Nicola Spirig she left alone, pursued by seven other triathletes. In this sector Tamara Gómez He showed his great level in the race on foot, overtaking several adversaries to be placed ninth and from there to ascend to a remarkable sixth final position after performing a splendid race.

For its part, the Olympic champion took the victory as in the edition of 2013, followed by the Austrian Lisa Perterer in second position and the Ukrainian Yuliya Yeliestratova in third. While, Ainhoa ​​Murua completed a very regular competition and was classified 15ª, with Miriam Casillas entering 31ª and Carolina Routier in 48ª position. While Maria Ortega had to retire after the swimming sector.

In male category, after swimming Uxio Abuín was placed in prominent positions in the front platoon of 19 triathletes, with a chasing block in which the other Spaniard was in contention, Pablo Dapena, trying to hunt them down. Finally they would reach them and a large platoon accessed the T2. The race on foot would be decisive, with the French triathlete Etienne Diemunsch placing himself in the lead in the absence of a lap.

The Frenchman would retain the lead to be the first to cross the finish line. After him, the Americans Jarrod Shoemaker and Joe Maloy would enter; second and third respectively. While Pablo Dapena was classified 22º and Uxío Abuín obtained the 31ª plaza.


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