"Veni, vidi, vici" Taylor Knibb the heiress of Gwen Jorgensen

We have been following the very young American triathlete for several months Taylor Knibb, to whom we predict a great future and we are convinced that she will be a worthy heir to her compatriot Gwen Jorgensen.

Taylor was born in 1998, so this is his first season as a junior, although last year he was a cadet and competed in several competitions in the junior category: 4ª in the Cto. North American, 3ª in the Cto. of the USA Junior and 3ª in the Cto. American. He closed his 2014 season with a sensational 9 position at the Junior World Championships in Edmonton (Canada) ... remember that with only 16 years and still in the cadet category.

In this 2015 have reached their first international victories in ITU competitions. The past 1 of May won in the Cto. Junior American played in Monterrey (Mexico) dominating the race from start to finish, came out in the first positions after swimming ... and went alone by bike, arriving at the T2 with 2min on the other competitors with the race in his pocket, although he did not relax on foot and marked the 2º best partial of all the competitors.

Taylor Knibb

Yesterday, Saturday, 4, July, Independence Day USA, the young Knibb "landed" in Europe, in the Holten Junior Cup (Netherlands). Her competition can be summed up in three words "Wine, saw and beat", as she did a few months ago in Monterrey, she came out in the top positions of the swim and after the T1 ... the rest of the competitors did not see her again until the finish line. His victory was forged by escaping alone by bike (where he made the best partial) and finishing with the 2º time in the race on foot.

Author: Juan José Martí Navio @jjnavio

Photos: www.usatriathlon.org  @TriathlonHolten 

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