TECO at a Distance: Flexibility and Sport

The sports, nature and outdoor leisure sector has become one of the most in demand. And this has been the case for more than a decade. Registering an increase of around 18% year-on-year.

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Something that has led us to see qualifications such as TECO (Technician in Guide in the Natural Environment and Free Time) establishing itself as the most in demand for distance learning today.

For all these reasons, in this article we have decided to focus on everything that they can contribute to us, their professional opportunities and, ultimately, how they manage to achieve a perfect, and flexible, balance when combining sport, nature and leisure.

What is TECO?

The qualification of Technical Guide in the Natural Environment and Free Time, hereinafter TECO, allows us to acquire the necessary knowledge to, among many other things, lead groups of people throughout different activities. Guided activities in which sport, nature y Respect for the enviroment They are its main protagonists.

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As if that were not enough, we are faced with a degree that fits very well with telematic and non-face-to-face study modalities.

Not in vain, Remote TECO It allows you to combine studies, work and private life. Becoming an alternative, both geographically and time-wise, really flexible to study without breaking our usual routine.

The fact of having a multitude of digital resources, available 24 hours a day, finishes strengthening the idea of ​​accommodation and adaptability of said system and study plan.

Sport and nature as protagonists

Are you a lover of nature and the outdoors? Do you love sports and do you practice it regularly? You are in luck.

And with TECO you will not only be able to access the world of work, but you will also do so while practicing some of your favorite activities.

Guide groups along trails or caves and ride horses. Bike tours, multi-adventure circuits or any other type of activity in the natural environment is valid for one degree as rewarding as it is versatile.

Career Opportunities

We have already mentioned that by taking TECO we are training to acquire the capabilities, skills and knowledge necessary to guide organized groups of people in activities, outdoors and in nature, of a physical and sporting nature.

However, what are your professional opportunities? You can be calm. These activities manage to fit into a multitude of professional environments. Below, we list some of his main job opportunities:

  • Camps.
  • Public entities.
  • Leisure and multi-adventure companies.
  • Sports clubs.
  • Travel agency.
  • Farms Schools.
  • Leisure and free time coordinators.
  • Guides
  • Tourism and adventure businesses in nature.

In short, and regardless of whether you decide to set up your own leisure and tourism company or if you enter the job market as an employee, taking TECO studies remotely is a safe bet.

Not in vain, we are faced with a flexible curriculum, which uses technology to gain accessibility and adapt to any lifestyle.

Being on track to find work and enjoy exercising a truly rewarding and healthy profession outdoors and/or in the middle of nature.

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