Teruel celebrates the VII Triathlon 'City of Teruel'

The capital of Teruel will host this Saturday, August 6, the VII City of Teruel-Aragon Championship Triathlon in which 200 athletes will participate. Despite the fact that the number of entries is maintained compared to previous years, the most outstanding athletes will be Aragonese, since the crisis has left this event without cash prizes. The test will begin at 17.00:6 p.m. on Saturday, August XNUMX, at the Arquillo de San Blas reservoir.

Thus, the president of the Aragonese Triathlon Federation, Rodrigo Gómez, has pointed out that "the negative novelty" this year is that, due to the economic crisis and budget cuts, "there will be no cash prizes", although products will be distributed of Aragonese quality among the winners. According to Gómez, this leads to "the quality of the participants decreasing" since, on previous occasions, "we have had the best Spanish triathletes", while in this edition "the quantity is maintained, but the quality has been diminished" .

Even so, Rodrigo Gómez has pointed out that "we will have the best Aragonese triathletes". Among the favorites to win the event, Gómez has mentioned Juan Millán from Zaragoza's 'Stadium Casablanca' and Vanesa Pascual, from Turia Extreme Teruel.

Regarding the test, José Antonio Valero, from the Club Turia Extreme who is in charge of the organization, explained that it is "a so-called sprint triathlon" and will consist of 750 meters of swimming in the Arquillo de San Blas reservoir, 20 kilometers by bicycle from that place to the San Fernando sports center in the city and another 5 kilometers of running on foot, in a circuit inside and outside the Parque de los Fueros.

In addition, Valero stressed that the championship is attractive since "it is not the typical test in which you are circling the same circuit, but there is a very beautiful and very fast route"; something that "triathletes appreciate",

From the City Council of Teruel, the Councilor for Sports, Javier Domingo, and the Deputy Mayor, Jesús Fuertes, have encouraged the people of Teruel to go out on Saturday to "support" triathletes, a sports discipline that "every time will more »in the city.

Source: europapress

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