The Championship is postponed to August

The franchise has postponed the test to August 16, but will make the final decision in May.

Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus, the franchise CHALLENGE FAMILY has decided to postpone The Championship to the month of August, specifically to the 16th.

The reasons for not organizing this iconic event in May are the current (travel) restrictions, the impact on athletes' preparations, and general concern about the health situation.

"This difficult decision was made after consultation with all parties involved.said CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO Jort Vlam. “We still see opportunities to host a race later this summer, August 16 to be more precise.".

On May 31 the decision will be made whether to continue the test or not

"The postponement is full of hope in better times, but due to the current situation of the coronavirus and that the measures imposed are changing almost daily.

We will closely monitor the situation and make a final decision on May 31, to see if it can finally be played this year.

In our opinion on that date, we will know more about the situation in August than now in April to see if there is time to organize trips and train.

We guarantee that, on our part, We will do everything in our power to fix this and work as hard as we can, but unfortunately we have no control over the impact of the coronavirus Vlam explains.


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