The Collins Cup will distribute 2 Million dollars in prizes. The duel USA, Europe, Rest of the World

This test will have the largest prize pool in the history of triathlon

After several years trying to celebrate finally will see the light this 2020  The Collins Cup at the X-bionic® Sphere, in Samorín (Slovakia) that will be held on May 29 and 30, being one day later when The Championship, the Challenge Family world championship

Who has promoted this is the PTO (PROFESSIONAL TRIATHLETES ORGANIZATION), we already commented that I was making “movements” in recent months, for example trying to buy IRONMAN.

Now with the announcement of The Collins Cup bet strong offering 2 million dollars in prizes, the largest amount that has been offered in the history of triathlon.

2 million dollars in prizes

The Collins Cup appears this 2020 in style, where 36 triathletes will fight to distribute the 2 million dollarss in prizes that this race will offer.

The test will bring together best professional triathletes in the world in a team competition to fight to see who is the great dominator of triathlon.

The triathletes who win will win $ 125.000, the second classified $ 115.000, the third place $ 105.000 and so on until 18th place, which will be the last to win a cash prize with $ 18.000.

As an interesting fact, comment that the winner of the WTS takes 83.500 and the IRONMAN World Champion 120.000.

A great incentive for professionals to want to compete in this test

Follow the model of the golf Ryder Cup

Following the model of the Ryder Cup of golf, The Collins Cup is a race between the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.

Each team will consist of 12 professional triathletes, six men and six women.

This is the classification process.

Eight athletes (four men and four women) will be classified into their respective teams through the PTO World Rankings ™ System, while the remaining four athletes (two men and two women) will be selected by the PTO Board Members.

The classification is by ranking position, you can check the current ranking at this link

Who forms the teams?

Among the 36 athletes will be the best in the world as they are Jan Frodeno, Daniela Ryf, Javier Gómez Noya, Alistair bronwlee, Lionel Sanders, Sebastian Kienle, Lucy Charles o Anna Haug  Among several more.

Surely it will be very exciting to see them compete with each other

This is the current list of triathletes who will participate in the test

Heather Jackson Daniela Ryf Sarah Crowley
Skye Moench Lucy Charles-Barclay Carrie Lester
Chelsea Sodaro Anne Haug Teresa Adam
Sarah Piampiano Holly Lawrence Paula Findlay
Ben Hoffman Jan Frodeno Lionel Sanders
Rodolphe Von Berg Alistair Brownlee Cameron Wurf
Timothy O'Donnell Sebastian Kienle Braden Currie
Matt Hanson Javier Gomez Tyler Butterfield

The captains of each team will be:

Karen smyers Chrissie Wellington Erin Baker
Mark Allen Normann Stadler Craig Alexander
Simon Whitfield
Lisa Bentley

All information on their website:

There are no previous results.

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