Thomas Hellriegel and Rachel Joyce won the second edition of the TriStar111 Estonia

Thomas Hellriegel y Rachel Joyce They have achieved victory in the TriStar111 Estonia, succeeding Philip Graves and Desiree Ficker in this second edition.

The 111 kilometers of competition for the TriStar Estonia took place in Pühajärve, Estonia. The German veteran Thomas Hellriegel reached the first position after 3 hours, 12 minutes and 53 seconds. Surprisingly, the second position went to the Irish Bryan McCrystal, a newcomer to the world of triathlon with only 3 years of experience. The local Kirill Kochegarov, winner of the Ironman Florida, was third (3:14:02).

Thomas Hellriegel has won the TriStar111 Estonia at the age of 40: “It was very difficult for me especially in the running segment, with very undulating terrain. When I saw that the Second could not catch me, I slowed down and relaxed until the finish line. I am very satisfied with this result in this beautiful triathlon ”.

Estonian Kirill Kochegarov commented that “I felt really tired during the competition, the first two laps on the bike I did well, but the last one was very hard, my strength failed me”.

“It was the second edition of the TriStar Estonia in Pühajärve and we are very happy with the popularity that the event has achieved throughout the country. It has been a success for the participants and it has also been very attractive for the spectators who have come to experience it ”, commented Ain-Alar Juhanson, director of TriStar Estonia.

The first woman to cross the finish line was Britain's Rachel Joyce (03:30:44). The second position went to the Finnish Merja Kiviranta, and the third to her compatriot Tiina Boman.

Around 500 triathletes have participated today in the TriStar111 Estonia, and in total have been a few 900 enrolled in the various tests that have been held over the weekend (TriStar11.1, TriStar33,3 and and a charity race).

The results of all the weekend tests, photos and videos available in y

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