Times by segments of the Spanish triathletes in the WTS

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In the following article we show you a brief summary of what have been the best times of the Spanish triathletes that will compete in the Grand Final of the WTS of Rotterdam during this season in the WTS they have played.

In a general way we want to quote the times a Spaniard has got the best partial in a WTS. As far as swimming is concerned, Carolina Routier it marked the best time of all the participants in the WTS of Abu Dhabi while in cycling, Fernando Alarza He did the best partial of all the participants in the WTS of Edmonton.

The race on foot is the great trick of the TRIarmada, since Fernando Alarza has managed to be the best running in three WTS Abu Dhabi, Yokohama and Leeds while Mario Mola it has been in the three WTS disputed in distance Sprint: Gold Coast, Hamburg and Edmonton. 


In Olympic distance the Balearic made his best swim in WTS of Montreal with a time of 17: 46. His best cycling and running were in the WTS of Yokohama, 57: 36 and 30: 36 respectively, which served to take the victory.

In distance sprint the best race of Mario Mola was the WTS of Hamburg, where he also got his best times of the year in 8 swimming: 55 in the 750m of swimming and 14: 01. The best time in cycling was in the Gold Coast WTS with 28: 18.


In Olympic distance the Galician made his best swimming and running race in the past WTS of Montreal with a time of 17: 06 and 30: 56 respectively. His best partial rider was in the WTS of Yokohama with a time of 57: 57.

In sprint distance the best swimming and cycling were in the Gold Coast WTS, with 8 times: 49 and 28: 42 while the best walking race in Hamburg with 14: 19. 

Spanish In the Grand Final


In Olympic distance the manchego did his best swimming in the WTS of Leeds with 16: 47, his best cycling and foot race in Yokohama, with 57: 45 and 30: 26 respectively.

In sprint distance Fernando obtained his best times in the Gold Coast WTS in the three segments, marking 9: 11 in swimming, 28: 27 in cycling and 14: 20 in the running race.  

Note: We have only taken into account the times of the races finished. 


In Olympic distance the canary made his best swim and run on foot in the WTS of Leeds with 16: 55 and 32: 17, while his best cycling was in Yokohama, with 57: 55
In sprint distance Vicente obtained his best times in swimming and running on the WTS in Hamburg, with 8: 59 and 14: 35 while the best cycling was in Gold Coast with 28: 30.


In Olympic distance the Catalan made her best swimming and cycling in the WTS of Yokohama, with some times of 18: 14 and 1: 07: 41 while her best run on foot was in Stockholm with 38: 10.

In distance sprint Carolina obtained her best times in the WTS of Hamburg in the three segments, marking 9: 16 in swimming, 33: 06 in cycling and 17: 30 in the running race.


Anna Godoy has only played two WTS this year, those in Stockholm where she could not finish and the WTS in Hamburg, where she did some 9 times: 36 in swimming, 33: 41 in cycling and 17: 24 in the running race . 


The Galicians make their WTS debut this season in the Rotterdam final.

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