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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Tim Don returns to the competition in the Boston Marathon

The British athlete who suffered a hit just before the Hawaii Ironman reappears in competition at the Boston Marathon

A few days ago we published that one of the sponsors of Tim Donhad launched a special edition of sportswear to help you afford the medical expenses of his accident, has announced in an interview with tri247.com who will participate in the Boston marathon. He also hopes to compete in an 70.3 in the month of June

“My first race this season is going to be in April - I'm going to do the Boston Marathon. I felt that I needed something to focus on and have my own personal goal. I'd like to run quicker than my IRONMAN time, 2:44 ″ ”He commented in the interview

The triathlete, has barely run a couple of days and has focused more on swimming and hopes to be at a competitive level in the test

Photo: tri247.com

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