Everything ready to enjoy the Extreme Man 113 Menorca by Artroactive

Tomorrow, Fornells will host 640 triathletes in the medium distance triathlon that is also the Balearic Long Distance Championship, Extreme Man 113 Menorca by ARTROACTIVE.

Organized by Win Sports Factory in collaboration with Elitechip, the Fornells City Council and the Menorca Island Council, this sporting event was presented this morning by Mr. Xisco Ametller, Mayor of Es Mercadal, Ms. Salomé Cabrera, Councilor of the Consell Insular de Menorca, Mrs. Cristina Martínez, Head of the Bioiberica Health Area (main sponsor of the event), Santi Millán, actor and athlete and Luis Genero, Director of Win Sports Factory.


After Getxo, Salou and Narbonne, Menorca will experience the Extreme Man Menorca by ARTROACTIVE for the third time. A medium-distance triathlon that includes a 1900m swimming course, 90 km cycling (3 laps of the circuit) and 21.2 km of running (3.5 laps of the circuit).


The mayor has commented “three years ago, performing an Extreme Man in Fornells was a challenge, today, it is a reality that already exceeds 600 participants. We are proud of our city as the entire town has thrown itself into this test. It is a great promotion at all levels and we want to take advantage of this sport destination to become tourism ”. Finally, he added that, "our goal is to reach 1000 participants and be able to host more than one sporting event in a week, so that people can practice sports while knowing the attractions of our city."


In the same way, Salomé Cabrera has reiterated the importance of a test of this category in Menorca, thus benefiting the tourist interests of the island.

From the organization, Luis G gender, has confirmed the perfect reception that the test has obtained, increasing by almost 50% the number of registrants (from 370 in 2011 to 640 in this edition). "Not only are the more than 600 triathletes that the island welcomes, but the 2.000 people who will travel to Fornells and benefit Menorca tourism," says Luis. "Our goal is to position Extreme Man Menorca as a European benchmark."

Participation of elite and popular

Among all the participants, tomorrow we will find International triathletes of the quality of Xavi Llobet, Olivier Marceau, Clemente Alonso (2011 EM Menorca champion) and Alexandra Louison (2010 EM Menorca champion), who will seek to revalidate the title in this new edition.

Both Clemente and Xavi affirmed that the EM Menorca by ARTROACTIVE is a very well placed event on the calendar because it coincides with the end of the season for many athletes and thus they can take advantage to enjoy a few more days on the island. "What I call the double" T ", tri-tourism," says Xavi.

For its part, the French Olivier Marceau and Alexandra Louison coincided in highlighting the brilliant organization of the tests with the Extreme Man label as an incentive to continue participating, as well as the spectacular scenery offered by the event in all its stages.

Despite the participation of elite, it is a competition where federated and non-federated popular athletes also have a place. More of 40 menorquines will be tested in EM Menorca.

In this sense, Cristina Martínez, Head of the Health Area of ​​Bioiberica, warns that almost 50% of participants will suffer joint wear due to the intensity of the test. Cristina has advanced two initiatives that will be carried out during the EM Menorca: "We will analyze the consequences that a test of this type has on athletes, so all participants will be weighed before and after the test to know the number of kilos that they have lost. And the second initiative is the study ILESO (Investigation on the Lesions of the training in the Osteoarticular Salut), in order to continue investigating in the improvement of the performance of the athletes.


Santi Millán, who faces the Immunactive Challenge, and who ends it tomorrow, affirms that he has had a group of professionals who have supervised him at all times with the objective that tomorrow he can finish his challenge, but not at all costs, but with a head . "Bioiberica's motto" always on play "refers to always performing at your best but with caution, so that, for example, a drop in defenses cannot annoy you 18 weeks of training," says Santi.

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