Everything ready to enjoy the Extreme Man 226 Salou - Costa Dorada with Oliver Marceu and Xavi Llobet

More than 400 triathletes will meet this coming Sunday, June 3, in the international long-distance triathlon Extreme Man 226 Salou - Costa Dorada By Artroactive, which will host Salou.


Organized by Win Sports Factory in collaboration with the Salou City Council, this sporting event was presented today by the Mayor of the city, Mr. Pere Granados and by the Councilor for Sports, Mr. Felip Ortiz.
After Getxo, and for the second consecutive year, Salou will host a long-distance triathlon. Narbonne (September 2) and Menorca (September 23) are the other two cities on the Extreme Man triathlon circuit.
The mayor has highlighted that Salou meets all the conditions to hold a triathlon, "this year the number of registered people has increased by 15%, which is great news, and for Salou it is an act of promotion of our city since it is of an international test. Granados also added that "we demonstrate our ability to carry out large-scale sports events that boost our economy since some 1.500 people will travel to Salou and that consolidate us as a benchmark municipality in this field."
From the organization, Luis Género, assured that "next year we hope to double the participation." They all highlight the beauty of the circuit by bicycle, since it is a single lap route of 180km, but at the same time they highlight its hardness”. Affirms Gender.

Participation of elite and popular

Among all the participants, we will find the duel between the Catalan Xavi Llobet who meets for the first time in the long distance and the French, winner of the Extreme Man Salou 2011, who will fight to revalidate the title.
Despite the elite participation, it is a competition in which popular athletes, both federated and non-federated, also have a place. Among them, the athlete Chema Muñoz, who, during the press conference, has made an appeal to enjoy the test but appealing to the responsibility of the popular participants for the hardness and level of demand of it. Muñoz explained that he has been preparing for this type of event for 4 years and specifically more than half a year dedicated to training to go to Extreme Man "My message is that you have to practice sports with health."
In this sense, Cristina Martínez, representative of Bioibérica Artroactive, main sponsor of the event, has advanced one of the main peculiarities of this triathlon related to the commitment to health. “For the first time, at Extreme Man Salou we will analyze the consequences that a test of this type has on athletes. For this reason, all the participants will be weighed before and after the test to know the total number of kilos they have lost. In addition, she added that "there are studies that indicate that during this test half of the triathletes will suffer some type of respiratory infection and joint wear due to the intensity of the test."

In addition, to continue researching the improvement of the performance of athletes, Artroactive will carry out the ILES study (Research on Injuries from Training in Osteoarticular Health).

The competition will start at 06:30 on the Levante beach and will have a distance of 226 kilometers, distributed as follows: 3.800m. swimming, 180km. by bicycle and 42,2 km. of running on foot, with 4 laps of a 10,5 km circuit that will pass along the promenade where it will end at 15:30 p.m. with the arrival of the last participants.

Special traffic measures

On the other hand, to guarantee security in the area, the City Council will adopt a series of special measures that will affect the traffic of people and vehicles and that will be duly signposted. For all these reasons, the City Council requests the collaboration of both hoteliers and merchants as well as neighbors and they apologize for the inconvenience that these measures may cause.

Source: salou.com

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