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All about Xterra Spain, we interviewed José González, president of Xterra Spain

XTERRA is an extreme challenge that catches the attention of athletes who want to put their body to the limit

Since Triathlon News we wanted to do an interview to José González, President of Xterra Spain to tell our readers everything about the Xterra 2015 circuit.

What is XTERRA?

XTERRA is a leading global brand in the organization of mountain triathlon and trail run tests. There are more than 17 countries organizing XTERRA around the world. It is a type of race in which each route is an adventure different from the others, where each circuit has its own personality that makes it different. The concept of XTERRA is based on the conjugation between athlete, sport, nature and routes that require you to push yourself to the limit. Knowing yourself in these situations is what makes the athletes who try it for the first time, repeat.

XTERRA in Spain

XTERRA arrives in our country with the Spanish Championship events in Cieza and XTERRA Berga in 2013 and from the first moment it was very well received. This year the calendar has grown exponentially, since four tests have been held.

In 2015 we will have six tests, three of them totally new, that will make the XTERRA Spain Tour a very complete and attractive circuit where quality is the fundamental basis of our philosophy and the close relationship with the athletes is, in addition, a differential factor. With XTERRA you have closer than ever to being able to live an adventure, a unique experience.

What do you expect from the circuit?

In the first place, we are sure that the participants in each of the tests will enjoy it a lot, for us that is very important. Only with seeing the cities through which the XTERRA Spain Tour will pass, you can already imagine what the tests will mean, both for the beauty of the landscapes and for the demands of the routes. We consolidate for him 2015 venues such as Granada, Madrid and Málaga, which then repeat the successes of 2014. Huelva, the Basque Country and Extremadura are premiered with spectacular locations that leave the participants, companions and public with their mouths open.

noticias_xterra_2_281214 Everything about Xterra Spain, we interviewed José González president of Xterra Spain News Triathlon

How do you see the progression of the Cros Triathlon in Spain? Is there a future?

We are convinced that there is a great future for the triathlon cros in Spain since it is much more fun and varied than a road test. It is an adventure. In the particular case of XTERRA it is a type of race that puts the triathlete to the limit. Our tests require the same physical preparation as a mid-distance triathlon, are tests of more than four hours for non-professional athletes in which each race is a unique and fun experience.

XTERRA is an extreme challenge that catches the attention of athletes who want to put their body to the limit. Our growth tells us that the demanding triathlete who has tried XTERRA, repeats and others who never came close to realizing one, already appeals to them to consider a challenge of personal improvement. This is not a triathlon to use, it is a test in which you meet your limits.

World Champions or Spanish Podiums

To this day the maximum exponent of XTERRA in Spain and globally is the triple world champion and ITU World Champion Rubén Ruzafa. Actually, the level of Spanish triathletes in XTERRA is very good. Spain has become the first world power of cross triathlon.

This year, in XTERRA World Championship we have had the representation of two Spaniards in the PRO category besides Ruzafa: Albert Soley (made top-15) and Roger Serrano (current ITU World Champion 23 sub and top 30 XTERRA).

Nor can we forget the other 11 triathletes who competed in age groups and set a very good performance. Eneko Llanos and Javier Gómez Noya were also world champions of this discipline, which speaks of the high level of the participants.

New venues: six events will make up the calendar

We have extended the calendar so that XTERRA lovers have a wide range of tests to play next year. To the 2014 headquarters (Madrid, Malaga y Granada), they are incorporated Saint Sebastian, Huelva y Estremadura. In the case of Madrid will change the route with respect to 2014, it will be a surprise. Four of them will be with totally new circuits.

In addition, we arrived in the north of Spain, where we have some of the best test organizers in the world, The Centennial Club Fortuna: a luxury. The presence in cities near Portugal and France will allow international triathletes to compete in Spain, which will make the XTERRA Spain Tour 2015 a more attractive and competitive circuit.

Two distances: sprint and Olympic in each of the seven venues

We know of the physical requirement of an XTERRA. As I have said before, the necessary training is similar to the one that has to be done to face a long distance triathlon. That's why we want to approach people who can not assume the traditional distance of an XTERRA (1.500-40-10). The sprint tests will be half the distances that those mentioned above, but just as attractive and fun.

We will also incorporate XTERRA Kids for the little ones in the house. They will be races so that the children, companions, families of the athletes can imitate competing like their parents or relatives and enter this sport so demanding, spectacular and beautiful.

New tests: one of MTB and another one of trail will be added to the six of triathlon

That's right, in 2015 we will celebrate, apart from the six triathlon races, one of MTB and one of trail. In the case of the cyclist test, we will recover a race that in its day was scoring for the Open of Spain of Marathon BTT and that to many, of only guessing what it will be, they put the hair on end for what it means.

The trail will be a totally new race that will have the same peculiarities as our triathlons: quality, demand, adventure and spectacular and unique routes. In addition, it will be nocturnal.

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