# Tokio2021 the athletes' initiative to change the date of the games

Fernando Alarza has joined this movement

Yesterday, Fernando Alarza He published a tweet on his social networks, explaining the birth of the movement # tokyo2021 to ask the IOC to postpone the Tokyo Games Due to the World-wide pandemic of coronavirus Covid-19.

In another Tweet, Fernando commented

«We do not want to suspend, we want to delay ... of course it is the dream of each one of us, but right now the world of sports needs the IOC to listen to us. # Tokio2021 #Tokyo2021«

More and more athletes are joining this change

The current Olympic badminton champion, Carolina Marín, the marchers Marta Pérez and Álvaro Pérez or the sailor Blanca Manchón are some of the Spanish athletes who have raised their voices against the dispute of the Games in just four months.

But it is not only Spanish sport that begins to show its opposition to Tokyo 2020. Yesterday the swimming federation of the United States, one of the greats of the games.

You can follow the initiative in Spanish with the hanstag # Tokio2021 or in English with #Tokyo2021

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