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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Toledo is Triathlon, a triathlon for Triathletes.

"Toledo is a triathlon, it is a triathlon for triathletes", commented many runners at the end of the test. Subsidized registrations end on February 1

On May 6, the 3rd edition of the Medium Distance Triathlon will be held Toledo is Triathlon, over a distance of 1,9 km of swimming, 80 km of cycling and 21 km of running, where in addition this year it will be Regional Middle Distance Championship Castilla la Mancha.

The organization tells us, “Everything is designed so that the participation of the triathletes be a carefree experience since we turn around so that the triathletes have all possible facilities and just have to think about swimming, riding a bike and running.

The triathlon is set up like this because those who organize it are or have been triathletes and we know the needs at all times. In fact we do not do anything that we would not do for ourselves or that we would not like to see in a triathlon in which we participated. In addition, the charm of the city of Toledo by itself is already a reason to spend a sporting and cultural weekend andn that combine the triathlon with a tourist route that will not leave any visitor indifferent.

 On the other hand, the triathlon is just 20 days before the Lanzarote Ironman or the Medium Distance Triathlon Spanish Championship and therefore it can serve as a good test and preparation for those two tests.”

The circuits

La swimming It takes place in the Cazalegas reservoir, right next to the small town that gives it its name. The route is 2 turns with a very fast swimming due to the few currents and the surface without waves.

The sector Cycling It runs from the Cazalegas Reservoir to Toledo on a provincial highway in a fast but winding 80km route.

As you get closer to the city of Toledo, the difficulty increases and the situation of the city surrounded by the Tagus River draws attention and where the last 5 km that pass through the famous "Valley" stands out above all. From there you can admire a spectacular panoramic view of the city and where you can distinguish monuments such as the San Martin bridge, the Alcántara bridge, the Alcázar or the Toledo Cathedral among others, you simply have to turn your head to the left to be amazed with the city of the Three Cultures.

The T2 and the goal are located at the foot of the Alcántara bridge and the San Servando Castle, which gives a special touch to the location of the nerve center of the test. From there, the race starts on foot.

La Foot race consists of 3 turns to a flat circuit of 7 km in round trip through the so-called Ecological Trail of the Tagus River that allows us to run along the same bank of the river. In each round you go through the pit area which gives you more appeal to the public and companions.

In addition to music of our stage truck that sounds spectacular, the participants and the public can enjoy a batucada that encourages incessantly until the less fast triathletes.

The test is Championship of Castilla-La Mancha of medium distance triathlon and has 2.000 € in cash prizes in addition to exclusive trophies and medals for the age groups and for the finishers.

More information: http://toledoestriatlon.es/

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