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Toledo is a triathlon triathlon designed by and for triathletes

We interviewed Sinuhé Haro, organizer of the test

On May 6, the III edition of the Toledo is Triathlon will be held, a test contrasted in the Spanish calendar, which will also be Regional Championship of Triathlon MD Castilla-La Mancha 2018.

Toledo is Triathlon change your date in 2018, the first two editions were in the month of June and this season will be held at the beginning of May, specifically the 6 day.

It consists of 1.900m that will take place in the Cazalegas reservoir. Later the triathletes will cover 80km of cycling through a tour following the Tagus River until arriving at the city of Toledo where the T2 will be located. Finally the competition ends with 21 km of running, the route is made up of 3 laps of 7 km each.

Last year Oscar González was the winner of the test, with a time of 3: 56: 33. In second place came David Peinado with 3: 56: 51 and third place went to Daniel Rodríguez with 3: 57: 38. As far as the women's competition is concerned, the winner was Elena Escolar with 5: 02: 26, followed by Esther Tabernero with a time of 5: 07: 42 and Isabel Ortega with 5: 10: 10.

To know a little more about the test we have interviewed Sinuhé Haro organizer of the test that tells us from its origins of this triathlon with such a spectacular spectator in the background, the city of Toledo.

Good morning Sinuhé. To begin the interview we would like to know better the organizer of Toledo is Triathlon, and that our readers know who is behind this great competition. Who is the organizer of Toledo is Triathlon? How did the idea of ​​celebrating an MD triathlon come about in a city like Toledo?

 The organizer is the Carrasco club ... it is multisport cycling with Diego Carrasco and Sinuhé Haro as visible heads of the project that carry the weight of the organization. We both have extensive experience in triathlon both from the point of view of participant and organizer, coach, club managers, etc.

The idea of ​​celebrating triathlon It arose in a conversation between the two with the simple question of Why Toledo does not have a triathlon? and from that conversation we started to see the viability of the project. Logically it is not a project that you do overnight, but it takes many hours and months of work, especially when you start from scratch.

One of the first steps we had to take is to find a place where we can do the swimming sector. As Toledo does not have a river suitable for swimming, we had no other option but to look for an alternative at a reasonable distance where to be able to do the swimming sector and that's when the Cazalegas reservoir, where swimming is done. Coincidentally, Cazalegas is 80km from the city of Toledo therefore we had no alternative but to do a medium distance triathlon.

Boxes Toledo is Triathlon

What services can we highlight that the organization offers to the triathlete?

 One of the things that characterizes us as organizers is that we are or have been triathletes, and that's why what we've always sought is to offer a quality integral service to the triathlete (within our possibilities and budget) so you feel that you practically just have to focus on competing.

Some of the services we offer, among other aspects, are:

  • Fast and online transitions to facilitate the entry and exit of the boxes.
  • Transport of sportsman and bicycle from Toledo to the Cazalegas reservoir before departure.
  • Transport of sportsman and bicycle from Toledo to the Cazalegas reservoir once the triathlon is over for all those who have to pick up their vehicle.
  • Transportation for relatives to the exit and return to the T2 / meta.
  • Batucada that will encourage the triathletes and companions.
  • Physiotherapy service.

Tell us a little about the circuits of the Toledo is Triathlon MD 2018 Where is swimming done?

Swimming takes place in the Cazalegas reservoir, a Alberche river reservoir in the municipality of Cazalegas in a very beautiful natural environment. Reservoir is very calm and almost without currents so it allows a very fast swimming and above all very comfortable.

In addition to being a swimming two laps The triathlete always has the incentive to get some air while receiving the encouragement of his family and friends to face the second round of swimming.

 The cyclist segment is linear, with departure and arrival in different places, ideal for shooting during 80km next to the Alberche and Tajo rivers. What will the triathletes find along this cycling sector?

Throughout the cycling tour you will find a very favorable road in the first half of the segment where the triathletes will be able to shoot very fast. Already in the second half they will have a more winding route with continuous ups and downs where they can also see up close the Tagus River that they will take to the side at all times. The last 10km are bordering the city of Toledo and as soon as you arrive you can see monuments as impressive as the San Martin Bridge, the Basilica of San Juan de los Reyes, the Cathedral of Toledo or the immense Alcázar.

In addition all that under the spectacular view of the Tagus surrounding the old town of Toledo that if they are able to raise their heads during the last climb without a doubt, will not leave them indifferent.

Foot race in Toledo is Triathlon

And the race on foot, next to the Tagus is impressive, by tracks of pressed earth glued to the river What could you emphasize of this last segment and the zone of goal?

The T2 and goal is located at the foot of the bridge of Alcantara next to the Tagus River, with some beautiful views of the old town of Toledo, what allows us that the race on foot takes place for the famous ecological path that goes parallel to the shore of the river. This path consists of a very compact pressed dirt road that allows a very fast race segment since it is also practically flat, so you can make some very good race tracks. In addition, the fact of taking the river tajo to a few 3 meters is an incentive to run in a privileged environment.

Thanks to this interview, we know a little better Toledo is Triathlon, a test that is based on the national calendar with its III edition. Finally, we want to encourage readers to compete with Toledo. What reasons could you highlight and what are the triathletes going to find there?

What you will find here in the third edition of Toledo is triathlon is a triathlon designed by and for triathletes, with an organization dedicated to the enjoyment of triathlon practice and a privileged environment for practicing sport. In addition, the familiar and close atmosphere that is breathed at all times makes the triathletes feel comfortable and that they are part of the triathlon.

All the information of the test in: http://toledoestriatlon.es/

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