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Top 10 of Miriam Casillas in the Yokohama WTS

Georgia Taylor-Brown and Alex Yee take the win

This morning the first appointment of the Triathlon World Series 2022 in Yokohama (Japan) where our sport has shone in style.

It has been the third scoring appointment of the WTS 2022 after tests held in Hamburg and Abu Dhabi.

In the Japanese test, 3 Spaniards competed, Antonio Serrat, who came to the test as leader of the ranking, Miriam Casillas y Roberto Sánchez.

Miriam Casillas gets her 2nd best position in the WTS

In the women's race our only representative has been the Extremaduran Miriam Casillas, who arrived in Yokohama wanting to start the season well in a venue where he had achieved his best result in the World Series to date with his 8th place in 2021.

La race has been very fast and disputed from the beginning, with a large group coming out of the water with very few seconds of difference between the head and the tail of the group.

The first kilometers of cycling served to leave 9 breakaways in the lead, which increased the differences with respect to the large group and from which the positions of honor would come, since they opened the distances lap by lap until completing the 40 kilometers on two wheels.

Miriam Casillas was placed in the second group after a great swim, and showing her face at all times in the second segment and taking the lead from the start of the race on foot.

The victory finally went to the British Georgia Taylor-Brown, followed by the French Leonie Periault and finishing in 3rd position the triathlete from Bermuda Flora Duffy, gold medalist in the last JJ.OO. from Tokyo.

Behind, Miriam Casillas He fought hand in hand with Beth Potter, Olympic in 10.000 meters, whom he managed to beat being the best of the second group and finishing in a meritorious 10th place finish.

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Time
1 Georgia Taylor-Brown 01:51:44
2 Leonie Periault 01:51:50
3 Flora Duffy 01:51:55
4 Emma lombi 01:52:03
5 Maya Kingma 01:52:12
6 Taylor Knibb 01:53:00
7 Anabel knoll 01:53:38
8 Taylor Spivey 01:54:36
9 Kirsten Kasper 01:55:18
10 Miriam Casillas García 01:55:38

Roberto Sánchez, second in the world

In the Men's Elite test our representatives have been Antonio Serrat and Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, who finished 11th and 17th, respectively.

The final victory has been for the British Alex Yee, managing to prevail in the final sprint to the New Zealander Savage after disputing the first two squares face to face from almost the beginning of the last segment on foot.

Finally, the bronze medal went to the French Leo Berger.

In this way, Antonio Serrat becomes 2nd in the world ranking of the World Series, giving up the lead to Leo Berger.

The men's race began with a group of almost 40 triathletes coming out of the first transition after the swimming segment, and with Antonio Serrat among them.

Behind, Roberto Sánchez Mantecón was in a second group that remained almost a minute apart with the lead during the 40 kilometers of cycling and at the beginning of the second transition.

Yee's victory was achieved in the last meters, managing to withstand the attacks of Heyden Wilde who had to settle for a well-deserved silver medal.

Behind them, Antonio Serrat suffered in the foot race and finished in tenth place. While one Roberto Sánchez's great comeback on foot allowed him to finish in an outstanding 17th place, with one of the best partials on foot.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Time
1 Alex Yee 01:43:30
2 Hayden Wilde 01:43:40
3 Léo Bergere 01:43:59
4 Matthew Hauser 01:44:09
5 Pierre Le Corre 01:44:17
6 Dorian Coninx 01:44:25
7 Basque Vilaca 01:44:52
8 Ricardo Batista 01:44:52
9 Makoto odakura 01:45:02
10 Kevin Mcdowell 01:45:02
11 Antonio Serrat Seoane 01:45:07

5 medals for the paratriarmada

As for the #Paratriarmada, the balance of our paratriathletes has been five medals in the first competition of the year, with a dream debut.

These have been the results of our athletes:

Male PTS2

1º Lionel Morales

Male PTS3

2nd Kini Carrasco

PTS4 Female

2nd Carmen Gonzalez

Female PTVI

1st Susana Rodriguez (Sara Loehr)


3rd Jose Serrano (Dani Mugica)

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