Three days, three events, three scenarios: from 10 to 12 in May, Puçol becomes the national center of triathlon

The sixth edition of the Puçol Triathlon it has become the great festival of this sport: it will be a tribute to its champions, it will be a recognition of the club and it will be, above all, a way of promoting this sport among the population. All this over three days in which you will have to do sports, but there will also be training, information and enjoyment of some of the historical images of the triathlon and its representatives in Puçol: the Tripuçol.

The great triathlon party begins on Thursday May 10, at 19.30:XNUMX p.m., in the Espai Jove. It is the moment to go through together (for once without neoprene, without bike and without running, calmly seated) the history of Tripuçol, the club that in less than a decade has transformed the population: from not existing anything about this sport, it has become a school with more than a hundred students, with a multitude of national and international awards and with a Spanish champion and a World Champion

The Espai Jove hosts a photographic exhibition with some historical images: from the birth of triathlon in the population to the latest national and international successes. In addition, medals, some of the already mythical uniforms and, finally, a complete tribute to these men and women who enjoy taking their bodies to limits that seem impossible to the rest of us.

To illustrate this idea, a video from the Municipal Television Station on the history of Tripuçol, with which the evening begins: it includes images of Vicente Pamblanco proclaiming himself world champion in Gijón last year.

And, finally, another projection, in this case made by Miguel Soriano Folded, in tribute to a man who last March drew tears on the Paseo de la Malvarrosa in Valencia: Juanjo López the peño. A video that tracks the race in which he was proclaimed Spanish paratriathlon champion... for this, after swimming and cycling, Juanjo had to finish the race on foot with crutches. A feat of which for the first time we will be able to see unpublished images.

El viernes 11 the party continues at the Espai Jove. On the one hand, it is time to complete the accreditations for the university test (from 16 to 20 pm); on the other, there will be a technical meeting on the same test, to clearly define how it works (at 20:21 p.m.); In addition, there will be an official welcome ceremony, which will put an end to the events at the Espai Jove (at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.).

Throughout the day, those interested will be able to take a look at the route, to study the circuit on which they will have to move during the day on Saturday.

El Saturday 12 change of scenery and, in addition, you have to get up early: at 8 in the morning the numbers are distributed for the aquathlon of minors. A tough test that begins at 9 in the morning for cadets and children, and then the rest of the categories.

The test is carried out on the Puçol beach, in front of the Plaza de la Rosa dels Vents, with the participants having to swim on both sides of the central breakwater. After the test, around 12.30:XNUMX p.m., awards ceremony for all categories participating in the aquatlon.

At 13 hours begins one of the main courses: the male output of the Spanish University Triathlon Championship, organized in collaboration with the Catholic University of Valencia. One of the most prestigious tests on the national calendar that will have its second phase at 15:XNUMX p.m., with the celebration of the women's tournament.

"We expect the assistance of three hundred triathletes from all over Spain for this competition, since it is the most important in its category”, Explains the world champion Vicente Pamblanco who, for once, will not be able to compete since he is a race director. "The university championship is organized every year by a University and this is valid for the World Championship that is held this summer, so the best triathletes of the moment will be in Puçol".

After the award of university awards, the Triathlon Federation Cup of the Valencian Community, with a double start: at 17.30:XNUMX p.m. the boys and, just a few minutes later, the girls. We are talking about the valid test for the triathlon ranking at the regional level in all categories, so, once again, the best will be in the water, on the bike and on the Puçol promenade.

"They will have to compete in 750 meters of swimming, in front of Rosa dels Vents square; then, 23.5 kilometers by bike, with a route along the road on the fourth floor to Puerto de Sagunto and, finally, 5 kilometers on foot, along the Puçol seafront, from l'Estany to Plaza Rosa dels Vents, where there is the goal Everything around Puçol, its beach and its promenade: it will be the great triathlon party”Explains Vicente.

In total, throughout Saturday the participation of 900 triathletes between the three tests: the first, to promote this tough but attractive sport; the university students, to look for their place in the World Championship; and the regional ones, because the first places in the ranking are at stake.

The organization and the expenses are in charge of the Catholic University and the Town Hall of Puçol; The guys from Tripuçol take care of the technical part, and for once they won't be running, pedaling or swimming, they'll only worry that everything goes perfectly. Police, civil protection, volunteers and, of course, the large public that is expected, complete the final day of these three days in which triathlon becomes the fashionable sport in Puçol.

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