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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

More than three thousand triathletes will compete in Águilas on May 11 and 12

The city of Águilas is preparing to host more than three thousand triathletes on May 11 and 12 as part of the King's Cup and Queen's Cup of Triathlon, Plus Spanish Relay Triathlon Championships, Talent Team Time Trial and Talent Relay.

A massive event that launches the Iberdrola and National Leagues of Triathlon Clubs

The competition will begin the Iberdrola and National Triathlon Club Leagues, which will be held in two days in Águilas, to continue in the coming months in Roquetas de Mar and Pontevedra.

The National League of Triathlon Talent Clubs, reserved for the cadet and youth categories, will also take place in the Murcian town, with the fourth and fifth days of the League, and the national Triathlon Time Trial Teams and Talent Relays.

Iberdrola League, National League of Triathlon Clubs, and Talent League 

 The Iberdrola Triathlon League and the National League of Triathlon Clubs consist of seven days, of which the first two will be held in Águilas, to continue in the coming months in Roquetas de Mar and Pontevedra.

 Copa del Rey and Copa de la Reina Iberdrola 2023 

The most valued competitions by Triathlon clubs throughout Spain, the Copa del Rey, and the Iberdrola Queen's Cup of Triathlon, return to Águilas in 2024, a town that has hosted the festival of national clubs par excellence on numerous occasions before. .

A sporting event of great relevance for the city

The celebration of the Marques de Águilas Triathlon, which is in its 38th edition, represents an important boost for tourism and the city's economy.

In addition, it is an opportunity for triathlon fans to enjoy a high-level sporting event.

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