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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Three weeks for the Valencia Triathlon, second appointment of the Mediterranean Triathlon

The next day 22 ends the bonus period period, take the opportunity to sign up 

Subtract just three weeks for the celebration of the second appointment of the circuit Mediterranean triathlon, Valencia triathlon, which will be played on 8 and 9 days in September. 


A unique event, possibly the most complete triathlon of all those held this year in Spain, due to the great variety of tests that will be throughout the weekend and different distances, so that each athlete competes in the preferred distance:

- Triathlon Super Sprint
- Aquatlon Paratriathlon
- Aquatlon School
- Triathlon Sprint
- Women's Triathlon
- Triathlon Olympic

And to all this we must add the elite test that will be played on Saturday afternoon, in the return of international competitions to the Valencian Community, with the ETU European Cup of Valencia, where there will be triathletes from over 25 countries.

Valencia triathlon It presents unique circuits, with a swim in the interior of the port, a very fast cyclist segment, by the dock and adjacent streets and a race on foot also by the interior of the port.

Valencia Triathlon 2018 distances

Description of the circuits:

Swimming: Swimming will take place inside the port of Valencia, in very calm waters, which look like a swimming pool, without waves or currents. There will be three different circuits delimited by buoys for each of the distances.

Cycling: The circuit is flat and very fast, runs through the interior of the port dock and the av. of the Port and Serrería street, two wide roads to be able to roll well. In total each round is 10km and depending on the chosen test will be given 1 lap (super sprint), 2 laps (sprint) and 4 laps (Olympic)

Race on foot: A flat and fast circuit of 2,5 km through the port of Valencia, which will be given a lap in the supersprint triathlon and two laps in the sprint. For the Olympic triathlon it will be the same circuit but lengthened up to 3,33 km to give 3 laps and complete the 10 km.

3000 triathletes are expected to compete in any of the Valencia Triathlon competitions on 8 and 9 days in September. Remember that the next day 22 ends the bonus price, so take the opportunity to register before the price of registration increases on 23 day. Here you have the direct link to the inscriptions.

#See you at the finish line


Mediterranea Triathlon

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