The MTRI Castellón about to reach 1.000 registered

The test will close registrations on June 22

The second test circuit Mediterranean Triathlon, MTRI Castellon It is progressing at a good pace and is about to reach a thousand participants for its 2022 edition.

The test that will be disputed between el Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July offers the possibility of participating in 3 distances suitable for all types of athletes.

The option to participate individually or in pairs is also offered.

Distances MTRI Castellón 2022

  • Olympic Distance: 1,5/40/10
  • Sprint Distance: 0,75 / 20 / 5
  • Couples distance Sprint: 0,75 / 20 / 5
  • Super Sprint : 0,35 / 10 / 2,5
  • Couples Supersprint: 0,35/10/2,5



The MTRI Castellón about to reach 1.000 registered ,img_62aac83f96a6f


The MTRI Castellón about to reach 1.000 registered ,img_62aac855643ff

Race on foot

The MTRI Castellón about to reach 1.000 registered ,img_62aac8662adc5

Benefits for the triathlete

In addition to the triathlete's bag where the participant will find a test t-shirt and various Nutrisport products, they will have the Finisher medal, supplies during the race and a paella tasting at the end of the test.

Close to the barrier of 1.000 triathletes

The test is close to reaching 1000 registered, in an edition where participation will be limited to 1.500 seats.

The environment

Do not miss the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Triathlon circuit with the summary of the test lived in Alicante where more than 1.000 triathletes participated

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