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The Triaroc 2017 canceled.

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The organization has decided to suspend the competition after receiving a negative report to only 48 of the holding of the test due to the lack of time for the allegations.

After the organization's publication on social networks of the denial of the authorization of the Triaroc, for a report an unfavorable report of the technicians of the Department of Environment of the Community of Madrid to only 2 days of the dispute of the test,

«At noon today, we have received reports of refusal to authorize the celebration of TriaRoc in Manzanares El Real, all motivated by an unfavorable report from the technicians of the Ministry of Environment of the Community of Madrid, which in its we will develop you as it should.

Right now, while we are writing you, we are making an incredible effort trying to save this precious event, coordinated with the City Council of Manzanares el Real, the Madrid Triathlon Federation and the Sports Council of the Community of Madrid.

We hope that everything is resolved positively in the next few hours, just as we call everyone to tranquility, since this organization will give everything it has until the last moment.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The organization has decided to suspend the test and has published on its website the following statement:

«Eight hours after an endless number of meetings and institutional calls, we consider that given the date we are in, we do not have more room to present more documentation or appeal.

For this reason, and in order that the disorder is not even greater for all the participants, especially for those who come from outside, we inform you of the suspension of TRIAROC 2017. We ask for understanding and patience at this time.

In the next few days we will make a more extensive statement since we are now preparing to dismantle the entire deployment.

As you know, everything was ready to start on Saturday. "

Moreover the Town Hall of the town has published the following in social networks:

noticias_Comunicado-ayuntamiento-manzanares-real The Triaroc 2017 canceled. Triathlon News

Triaroc, is held in Manzanares del Real, in the Regional Park of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares (Madrid), where 1.000 triathletes were going to participate in a medium distance event, an Olympic triathlon and a cros triathlon.

Video of the test

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