The Portocolom Triathlon 2024 Sold Out

El Portocolom 2024 Triathlon, which will be held on April 14 in Mallorca, has completed the bill in both distances.

This is one of the most prestigious competitions in the sports calendar of the Balearic Islands where it has been chosen several times as the best event of the year.

This year, the competition celebrates its 26th edition and will have distances of 55.5 and 111, offers challenges tailored to different levels of skill and endurance, though this year.

Participants will face a meticulously designed course that encompasses the best of Portocolom: swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, cycling on routes with spectacular views, and a foot race that captures the vibrant spirit of the place.

This combination not only tests the physical prowess of the athletes, but also allows them to enjoy the incredible natural beauty of Mallorca.

Beyond triathlon, Portocolom invites you to explore its tourist charms.

solo 60 km from PalmaThis picturesque town It is a treasure of natural beauty, history and culture, ideal for those looking for a complete experience, combining sport and tourism.

Logistics for participants and their families are convenient and accessible, with transportation options including ferries and a nearby airport, facilitating the attendance of international competitors.

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