An unconventional triathlon in Italy, the Titanium Challenge

This 2022 comes the second edition of the Titanium Challenge - The unconventional Triathlon!

Why do they call it "unconventional"?

Unlike other triathlons where you swim, then ride a bike and finish on foot, in the Titanium Challenge the disciplines are mixed making it unique in its kind.


These are the global distances that will be carried out in this test

  • 2 kilometers of swimming
  • 30 kilometer run
  • 105 kilometers of cycling

career structure

But as mentioned, it does not have the typical triathlon format since there are many transitions that will leave the following race structure:

  • 65 kilometers cycling
  • 4,2 kilometer run
  • 2.000 meters swimming
  • 27,45 cycling
  • 31 km foot race
  • 37,55 km cycling

In cycling, the circuit runs from Montecatini to Viareggio, to run through a sandy area on the beach of Versilia, and then swim 2 km in the sea and return to Lucca on the bike.

Once you reach the city, there will be another foot race through the beautiful city of Tuscany.

But this or that is all, since it will be necessary to return to take the bicycle to reach Montecatini Terme where the finish line is.

The test will be held on May 22 and will have a limited number of participants

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