Who are the fastest triathletes this year in Olympic distance running?

In the absence of a few days for the dispute of the triathlon events of the Tokyo Olympic Games, and with all the representatives already in the Japanese country, we compile the best times in the foot race that have been done this year in Olympic distance in ITU tests.

This year they have only achieved lower than 30 minutes in the running segment of an Olympic triathlon 10 triathletes, where the young Briton Alex Yee and the Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt has done it 2 times.

It is clear that to win the test you will have to do a sub30 time, but this year with the good race that both Yee and Blummenfelt have shown if they reach T2 in the lead they have many options to get a medal.

Mario Mola, 3 times world triathlon champion and one of the fastest runners on the circuit, has gone down this distance 1 time in the WC of Lisbon, and if he is at the same level as other years in this segment and arrives in the lead at T2 for sure will be fighting for gold in the test.

List of sub30 triathlete in Olympic Triathlon 2021

First Name Last Name Country Time in 10K Test and date
Max studer SUI 0:29:04 WC Lisbon (May)
Kristian Blummenfelt NOR 0:29:06 WC Lisbon (May)
Kristian Blummenfelt  NOR 0:29:26 WTS Yokohama (May)
Morgan Pearson  USA 0:29:30 WTS Yokohama (May)
Jonas Schomburg GER 0:29:31 WC Lisbon (May)
Jelle Geens  BEL 0:29:38 WTS Yokohama (May)
Crisanto Grajales MEX 0:29:45 WC Lisbon (May)
Alex Yee  GBR 0:29:46 WC Lisbon (May)
Alex Yee  GBR 0:29:49 WTS Yokohama (May)
Henri Schoeman  RSA 0:29:51 WTS Yokohama (May)
Mario Mola ESP 0:29:51 WC Lisbon (May)
Gustav Iden NOR 0:29:52 WC Lisbon (May)

In addition to the 10 triathletes who have managed to get below 30 minutes in the 10 kilometers of the running segment in an Olympic triathlon, there are several who have dropped below 31 minutes.

These athletes will also have to be taken into account, since depending on how the race is going, if there are escapes, etc. You may have medal options.

List of sub31 triathlete in Olympic Triathlon 2021

First Name Last Name Country Time in 10K Test and date
Morgan Pearson  USA 0:30:04 WTS leeds (June)
Marten Van Rail  BEL 0:30:04 WTS Yokohama (May)
Vincent Luis  FRA 0:30:06 WTS Yokohama (May)
Gustav Iden  NOR 0:30:08 WTS Yokohama (May)
Kevin McDowell  USA 0:30:09 WTS Yokohama (May)
Léo Bergere  FRA 0:30:10 WTS Yokohama (May)
Jonas Schomburg  GER 0:30:13 WTS Yokohama (May)
Adrien Briffod  SUI 0:30:21 WTS Yokohama (May)
Marten Van Rail  BEL 0:30:23 WTS leeds (June)
Pierre Le Run  FRA 0:30:26 WTS Yokohama (May)
Fernando Alarza  ESP 0:30:26 WTS Yokohama (May)
Fernando Alarza  ESP 0:30:28 WTS leeds (June)
Hayden Savage  NZL 0:30:47 WTS leeds (June)
Makoto ōdakura  JPN 0:30:48 WTS Yokohama (May)
Kristian Blummenfelt  NOR 0:30:53 WTS leeds (June)
Antonio Serrat Seoane  ESP 0:30:53 WTS leeds (June)
Léo Bergere  FRA 0:30:57 WTS leeds (June)

You can check all the results on the website of World triathlon

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