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The Triathlon Ball of the World, advances at a good pace

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The test that opened registrations the month of December, already has about half occupied seats for its two tests

The next 7 of July of 2018 will be held the sixth edition of the Triathlon Ball of the World where the participants will go up to one of the most spectacular finals of the Vuelta a España, The Ball of the World in Navacerrada (Madrid)

As usual, the test has different 2 distances; he Long Triathlon and Short Triathlon, And a Crossing to Swim in the Navacerrada reservoir that is celebrated the day after.

Long triathlon 2.000 meters - 85 kilometers - 20 kilometers

Swimming in the Navacerrada reservoir, cycling with the port of La Morcuera, Cotos and Bola del Mundo (positive slope of 2.233 m.), Race on foot passing through the tops of Valdemartín, Cabeza de Hierro Mayor and Menor, and even Asómate a Holes

The short triathlon 1.500 meters - 27 kilometers -10 kilometers

Navacerrada Reservoir Swimming, Navacerrada Navacerrada and Bola del Mundo Ride Cycling, and Foot Race (1.321 m positive slope) and Foot Race Between the Ball of the World, Cerro de Valdemarín, and Cabeza de Hierro minor

Swim Crossing SwimStrong

In addition, the second edition of the swim cruise SwimStrong 2018 will contest the 8 of July and the athletes will be able to participate in the 2.000m, 4.000m or 6.000m test in the Navacerrada reservoir

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Photo: Instagram @trystrongspain

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