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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Triathlon of the Azores Islands, the last LD of Europe of the year

The next 3 in November is the 9 edition of the Triathlon of the Azores. It will be the last long distance triathlon in Europe this season, an ideal test to combine sport and tourism.

Last weekend the bad weather and the sea caused the suspension of some tests in Spain, such as the Triathlon Cabo de Gata. Those registered in this test and another one that was affected by bad weather has the possibility to register and run the next November 3 in the Triathlon of the Azores Islands, taking advantage of the good state of form and all the preparation that has been done.

For this year the Triathlon of the Azores has modified its distances, becoming a Long distance test (4-120-30). The IX Triathlon of the Azores Islands is also Iberian Long Distance Championship.

The competition is held on the Island of San Miguel, having its epicenter in Ponta Delgada, the capital of the archipelago. The swim consists of 4.000m that will be made to 3 turns inside the harbor in calm waters. Later the triathletes will face 120 km in the cycling sector, divided in 2 laps of 60.

The first kilometers run parallel to the sea, to then enter the interior of the island, with a spectacular route to enjoy San Miguel with all the splendor of nature on the island. The route is hard, with several steep slopes to accumulate 800m of unevenness per turn.

Finally the race on foot will be 30 km, where the triathletes will give 4 turns to a circuit of 7,5 km stuck to the sea, which also runs through the port.

In addition to the Iberian Long Distance Championship, there will also be a sprint test. Here you can download the complete routes of both tests

More information on the website of the Portuguese Triathlon Federation: https://www.federacao-triatlo.pt/ftp2015/

Registration inscricoes@federacao-triatlo.pt

Photo: portugal.net

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