Triathlon Guadalajara: the numbers in promotion with an 30% discount are finished in less than 1 hour

Early risers have been in luck!

Last night we notified our subscribers and today at the 8 in the morning we launched the promotion of 8 numbers for the legendary triathlon of Guadalajara with an 30% discount, and in less than an hour all have been sold.

It was no less to be expected. Guadalajara Triathlon is presented as a unique Medium Distance event (1,9-80-20) that originates in 1984 and has attracted Triathletes of the stature of Ana Burgos, Alejandro Santamaría, Pedro Gomes in recent years , Hektor Llanos, Ana Casares, Felix J.Martinez ... among other representative triathletes.

A test that runs through the spectacular places of the Alcarria de Guadalajara and that has a one-lap circuit in the cycling segment as well as a unique attention to the Triathlete.

If you want to participate in this spectacular event, hurry, there are only 400 seats.

There are no previous results.

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