The Villa de Fuente Álamo International Triathlon suspended

The organization has made the decision to postpone the test again

The organizing committee of Villa de Fuente Álamo International Triathlon - Gran Premio Melones El Abuelo has made the decision to postpone this year's edition due to the health crisis.

It has been a difficult decision, after having to suspend the test also last year, but from the organization they consider that it is the most responsible at the moment.

Official announcement

This is the statement they have published:

«To all of you who love Trifuenteálamo:

It does not matter if you are a triathlete, volunteer, neighbor of Fuente Álamo or collaborator of our test. It doesn't matter how you live Trifuenteálamo. These lines are for you.

A year ago we had to make a hiatus in the organization of the thirty-first edition of the triathletes' triathlon. And, although we wanted to close that parenthesis and return to enjoy the sports festival in Fuente Álamo this May, the pandemic once again prevents us from doing so.

Covid-19 has changed everyone's life. A year ago, the organizing committee of the Villa de Fuente Álamo International Triathlon - Melones El Abuelo Grand Prize, with the support of the City Council of our municipality and due to responsibility with all the members of the family of this oldest triathlon event in Spain, postponed the celebration of the edition, with the hope of being able to celebrate it in 2021.

Although this year we have learned a lot about this virus and how to fight it, there is still a very long way to go to make it a part of the past. For this reason, the organizing committee has made the decision to postpone the test, until the situation allows us to celebrate our triathlon with all its essence.

We have always had the support of the Fuente Álamo City Council and our official sponsor, Melones El Abuelo, an encouragement that we appreciate.

Around the world, the pandemic has created fear and loss. Above all, human. Also in our town, we have mourned the loss of friends and family due to this damn virus.

For this reason, the organizing committee, the Fuente Álamo City Council and the 300 volunteers feel the obligation to contribute to stop the spread of the pandemic, contributing our bit, from Fuente Álamo.

At this time when social distancing and avoiding travel is recommended, we do not consider it responsible for us, as the organization of the event, to gather a thousand triathletes, together with their teams and families, in Fuente Álamo.

We believe that we must follow all health recommendations and continue fighting against the coronavirus to protect the Fuente Alameros, our family, friends and neighbors, but also the athletes who make us enjoy so much every year. Therefore, we postpone the celebration of the test until next year.

Trifuenteálamo is brotherhood, contact, family.

  • How could we celebrate Trifuenteálamo without coexistence in the pavilion?
  • How could we celebrate Trifuenteálamo without sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner, together, triathletes and volunteers?
  • Or without that pat of encouragement during the race?
  • Or without the hug between colleagues at the end of the test?
  • Without that delicious fruit that the volunteers offer?
  • Without that comforting massage that helps you regain strength?
  • Without that essential help from our health workers or Civil Protection during the race?
  • Without toasting the results achieved?

Trifuenteálamo wouldn't be Trifuenteálamo without all those moments, and we want the Thirty-first edition of Trifuenteálamo to feature all of them.

A year ago we coined the motto “31 at 21”, in the hope that, indeed, this goal could be achieved. Ultimately it will not be like that, but it will be. In 2022, or when possible.

  • We will embrace again when we see friendly faces again, among volunteers and triathletes.
  • We will take another photograph when we collect the numbers.
  • We will once again encourage the athletes from the streets of Mazarrón, Las Palas or Fuente Álamo.
  • We will give you that bracelet that proves that you have completed the first lap on Gran Vía.
  • We will feel those nerves again, in Rihuete Beach, moments before the exit horn sounds.
  • We will once again enjoy live images from the giant screen in Fuente Álamo.
  • We will once again perceive the emotion in the dissociated pits.
  • We will once again feel how the energies return with that portion of melon or that massage.
  • We will once again enjoy the embrace of Ginés Bermúdez when first crossing the finish line.
  • We will smile again, while 300 hearts beat at the same time, while we take the photograph of the family of volunteers.
  • We will applaud again while We Are The Champions plays, with the champions on the podium.
  • We will again toast and dance until dawn in the Ronda de Poniente.

It does not matter if you are a triathlete who participates, a volunteer who leaves his skin in his work area, a neighbor of Fuente Álamo who cheers with his shouts and applause, or a collaborating company or entity that supports this test.

Take care, because we need you in the next edition of Triuenteálamo.

We are convinced that, very soon, we will be able to enjoy the Triathletes' Triathlon again.

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