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Madrid KM0 Triathlon, a spectacular event for unique athletes

We enter the life of Gorka Bizkarra

A little less than 3 months after the first edition of Triathlon Madrid KM 0, we interviewed Gorka Bizkarra, TAFAD and triathlete, plus top triathlon coach with knowledge of dietetics and nutrition.

From TRIATLONNOTICIAS.COM we wanted to choose at random between the list of enrolled an athlete and "getting into his life" ....

How is it and what does it take a triathlete to make the decision to face such an exciting challenge as Triathlon Madrid KM0?

We interviewed Gorka Bizkarra, on the occasion of his presence at Triatlon Madrid KM0, a unique experience next September 27.

Knowing Gorka ...

TN: Gorka, how and when do you know the triathlon?

Gorka: I met the triathlon in Zarautz. It was the year 2008 and that triathlon I hooked for life hehe. I never forgot that day.

TN: Since when do you practice it?

Gorka: From the 2008, was to see the triathlon of Zarautz and debut the next day in a sprint triathlon in Donostia

TN: Also coach?

Gorka: I've been 3 for years as a coach. In 2011 I took out the first level, and this year I finished taking the 3 level higher.

TN: This year you complete your eighth season and have already competed in distance Ironman What tests?

Yes, I participated in 3 Ironmanes. In 2012 in Callella, 2013 in Wales (Where is 7º of my age group and only 3 posts to qualify for Hawaii!) And in 2014 the Ironman of Nice, where I burst on foot.

This year I expect 2, Embrunman and KM0, neither more nor less ????

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About TRIATLON Madrid KM0 ...

TN: How did the idea of ​​competing in Triathlon Madrid KM0 arise? Do you remember when was the first time you heard about this sporting event?

Gorka: I listened for the first time for the month of February and I thought, "Why am I targeting the Embrunman, if I do not?"

A few months passed and in one of these I saw TRIATLONNOTICIAS.COM taking out some discounts on enrollment to participate in KM0, and I did not think for two seconds and I hit the key (laughs) I got into a good challenge !! !

TN: Do you know the circuits and routes?

Gorka: Well, if I tell you the truth, not much, although swimming if I know it, since I have participated in the Ecotrimad for several years and I like the place where it takes place.

The bike, the ports have not uploaded, but it has to be spectacular for what I see in the profiles, as well as going throughout the Community of Madrid, an unbeatable way to know the Sierra Madrileña and all the locations through which it runs.

About the race on foot, I do not know the route either but I am sure that I will enjoy discovering corners of this city at the same time as doing a triathlon.

TN: What makes this test special?

I think that hardness is what makes it special, I like the routes that have climbs, that is not flat, that is not boring, and I think it also makes special run through the streets of Madrid! Something unthinkable for many, but knowing the Staff behind working day by day in the organization, I'm sure it will be a success.

You are a coach and you train! A whole "2 in 1"! Tell us!

TN: Do you live the triathlon day after day, if at the same time you "autoentrenas" Are you preparing a group and / or triathlete?

Gorka: Yes! Currently I have the training of several triathletes and I am one of the coaches of the swimming club Tabira (Durango)

articles_Gorka-Bizkarra_3-70715 Triathlon Madrid KM0, a spectacular event for unique athletes News Triathlon

TN: How many weeks / months does the training require to face successfully a test of this caliber (distance and differences)?

Gorka: These tests require a lot of training, you have to have a good base to prepare this test.

Nowadays "the Ironman is fashionable", but be careful, you have to have a lot of respect. It is best to start by running sprint triathlon, then try the Olympians (2-3 years) and then make the jump to the Half Ironman. When you see that you finish these races well, it is when you can make the leap to the Ironman, but patience and enjoy each step ....

TN: We "take advantage" of your knowledge and we will ask 5 for advice that you would give the athletes to face the test.


- Do not eat your head with the clock. Go regulating all the time.

- Hydrate well, eat well.

- Enjoy the event, and especially the day to day in training.

- Look at the developments on the bike, they are hard ports, and put the appropriate ones.

- Arrive rested and with much desire.

articles_Gorka-Bizkarra_2-70715 Triathlon Madrid KM0, a spectacular event for unique athletes News Triathlon

TN: And about nutrition? Could you give us some advice? Are you preparing a triathlete? Do you have to have guidelines from several months before or is it enough to have clear guidelines on nutrition a few days and / or weeks before the test?

Yes, I carry the nutrition of a triathlete.

As in training in nutrition, it is also important to have consistency and to have healthy habits. In the absence of a few months, if you can afford a whim, but when the day approaches, you have to try to eat as clean and healthy as possible.

TN: How would the diet be the week before the competition, the previous day, in the test and after the competition?

Gorka: The week before the competition, you have to keep eating more or less the same as in the previous weeks.

3 days before I usually start filling up the deposits. Eating carbohydrates and avoiding fats. Since volume training has gone down a lot, you do not have to eat a lot either.

The day before, I always eat pizza, it's not the best, but I'm doing fine. The important thing is to load based on carbohydrates.

On the day of the test, I usually eat white rice. In the test I eat Barritas in the bike and gels sector in the running sector. It is important to take two drums, one with water and the other with salts.

After the competition I do not usually deprive myself of anything, the wear has been terrible, that if my stomach is fine, I can eat whatever I want (laughs)

Thank you very much Gorka for your commitment to this sport and to be so close. We wish you good luck and we look forward to the next September 27 on the starting line! We will be there!

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