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“One of the most emotional moments was seeing Andrés's enthusiasm and emotion when he learned that Eneko Llanos I would team up with him on the first Ocean Lava " Isabelle Janssens

Today we want to introduce you to the TRIWWW association. Just a few days ago we were lucky enough to get to know her up close at the hands of Isabelle Janssens. A charitable association that aims to help people with disabilities -reduced mobility and functional diversity- through sport.


In a time of change, where we are becoming aware that being happy, "no longer" is bought with money and that what really gives us happiness is to fight to achieve our own goals and overcome our challenges, we want to invite you to reflect

Isabelle, how did the TRIWWW initiative come about?

It was when I saw saddle athletes competing in Lanzarote… that they transmitted something extraordinary, an energy, motivation, strength and affection much greater than most of the others, an example of overcoming… .that moved me deeply.

In addition, I met several athletes with disabled children who competed on the island at the Ironman in Lanzarote, motivated by and for their children ... so much love awakened my desire to do something myself ... it can be said that it was born out of love ... 😉

What has been the most exciting moment lived with the association?

Difficult to say, there are so many ... each arrival at the finish line of one of our kids with disabilities, each smile on the face of those who wear joelette, the illusion and emotion of Andrés when he learned that Eneko Llanos would team up with him in the first Ocean Lava ... and then when Andrés himself won Eneko's helmet in his presence, at the charity barbecue ...

What would you say to people to encourage them to be part of this project?

That approaching to do something for those who have more difficulties in life contributes much more than it costs one. It is an experience that cannot be explained in words, it enriches the soul, it makes you feel good.

From Triathlon News, we feel committed and believe it is important to publicize this type of association that promotes the improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities through sport.

Starting today we will keep you informed of all the activities carried out and we invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know the association through its website and to be part of this very human project:

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