Triathlon News, offers you the possibility of attending the Half Challenge or Challenge with an 25% discount!

Triathlon News, offers you the possibility of attending the

Half Challenge or Challenge

With a 25% discount!

How? As simple as that:

  1. 1. Enter the chosen test:




  1. 2. Make your registration and in the payment form put "Transfer"

  1. 3. Send us an email

Confirming that the pre-registration has been carried out and giving us your name, and registration data, as well as the test you want to attend. To the first four of each distance who request the discount, we will send them an email confirming how to proceed to make the payment and finish the registration process.

Hurry, we only have 4 numbers per test available!

Half Rate> € 175> Promotion Rate "Triathlon News"> 131,25 €

Challenge Rate> € 355> Promotion Rate "Triathlon News"> 266,25 €


Half Challenge and Challenge, are part of the circuit of international renown "Challenge".

In 2012, and for the fourth consecutive year, the town of Calella will host these tests on May 27 and September 30 for medium and long distance.

Challenge Barcelona Maresme has a spectacular route, triathletes who want to improve their marks or be a finisher for the first time in long or medium distance, will be able to find smooth and fast routes that will ensure their success in this test.

In addition to this, the excellent reception of Challenge is based on its quality and the excellent treatment given to the triathlete. For Agustí, Director of both tests “Year after year it grows more and more, this is largely due to the care and maximum attention to each of the participants, something very important, and more so in long distance events "

Renowned brands in the world of triathlon, such as BH, NutriSport, Taymory y Jacket they have already bet Challenge, Now it's your turn.

Come to the Challenge and enjoy your great challenge: being a true Finisher!

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