Triathlon Quebrantahuesos, Interview with the director of Carrera.

In its second edition, the Bonebreak Triathlon cataloged as one of the toughest in Spain, is established as a reference of hardness in the mid-distance triathlon calendar.




Swimming in the reservoir of Lanuza and touring part of the mythical circuit March Biker Lammergeier, with more than 3.500 meters of unevenness in cycling and 500 meters in the race on foot promises all participants a unique experience.


Amancio del Castillo, race director with extensive experience in the world of triathlon as a federated athlete since 1996, Race Organizer since 2006 as well as federative experience, tells us about the origins of the Bearded Vulture


When and how did the idea of ​​creating the BREAKING TRIATHLON arise?

El QH Triathlon arises from the need to organize a triathlon in the area to complete the sports offer around the cyclist tour. You had to organize a triathlon with the same spirit as the march and it could not be a triathlon anymore, it had to be different. In addition, the area provided facilities to organize a unique triathlon for its beauty and hardness.


What is special about this circuit? What makes you different from other triathlon events and what does it offer the triathlete?

Since we began the first visits to the area I realized that the test was going to be special. It takes place in an incomparable setting that seems straight out of a story. It does not fail even the smallest detail.


Starting from swimming in the Natural Auditorium of Lanuza (the name says it all), continuing through one of the best-known and hardest cycling areas of the peninsula and ending with a race on foot with enviable views.


Apart from the environment, the hardness of the bike and race sectors make it the challenge that every triathlete should propose, but at the same time affordable for those seeking new challenges. Then there is the treatment of the athlete, who is provided all the services of a great event, but in a privileged place and with a totally personalized treatment.


How is Triathlon lived in the area? And what resources on a technical and human level does the creation of an event of this magnitude suppose?

The triathlon has meant a different bet for the sport. Sallent de Gállego and its surroundings base their economy on active tourism, both winter and summer, which makes them turn to this type of events as novel as triathlon.


They are very aware of the cycling tour, but the triathlon has broken their schemes to be a different sport. The difficulty of carrying out three sports disciplines and coordinating everything implies a material and human investment that is not very valued.


At a logistic level it could not be developed without the full involvement of an organizer of major events. In the human aspect, the same number of volunteers as participants was available, which is indicative of the treatment that was given to the athlete.


What message would you send to the triathletes to encourage them to participate?

Tell them that if they want to run a big test of quality, with a familiar treatment, and that it is unique for its hardness and beauty, that they try with the QH, they will not be disappointed.


The Quebrantahuesos triathlon will be held next July 7.


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