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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

The Riaza Triathlon opens inscriptions

The seventh edition of the race will be held this year with its two options, Short and Half, as one of the most emblematic triathlons in the downtown area.

On July 22, a new edition of the Riaza triathlon, which as usual will consist of two tests, a medium distance triathlon the "Half Triathlon of Riaza" composed of 1.800 m of swimming, 72 km of cycling and 20 km of running and a shorter test, the "Short" whose distances will be 900 meters of swimming, 40 km of cycling and 9 km of running on foot.

Swimming will take place in thembalse de Riofrío, while the central zone and goal will be in the prairies of the El Rasero park in Riaza. 

The limit of participants are 200 triathletes in the Half and 500 in sl shorts, so that the triathletes will be able to enjoy a clean competition, without problems of overcrowding or drafting. Until the February 28 there is a very interesting opening offer, do not miss the opportunity and sign up for a test of great beauty in the central area of ​​the peninsula.

Further information: www.triatlonriaza.com

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