Tres Cantos triathlon returns in July with new distances and safety protocol

On July 19, the XXIV edition will be held in the Madrid town of Tres Cantos

The triathlon starts in the central area of ​​the country with the Triathlon of Tres Cantos, a test where all the aspects related to security.

This coming July 19 will be held in the Madrid town of Tres Cantos the XXIV edition of its triathlon, an essential test for lovers of this sport in the Community of Madrid.

It complies 100% with the FETRI protocol

The organization this year has been working mainly on implementing all the security measures established by the ITU and the FETRI to guarantee the safety of all the participants, Staff and public.

El Prevention plan, whose reading is mandatory, includes all the measures that are adopted to guarantee distance and avoid overcrowding, as well as preventive measures at all times and places of the event.

The output will be with the system Rolling Start, 2 in 2 people, with approximate intervals of 5 seconds between each departure. Men and women will jointly participate.

These are some of the measures

  • Change of format of the test, there will be two distances Sprint and Super Sprint.
  • Drafting will not be allowed
  • It will be compulsory to drive on the right and facilitate overtaking.
  • Maximum of 6 outings of 100 participants per series
  • Departure will be with the Rolling Start system, 2 in 2 people
  • Reading the Prevention Plan is mandatory.

Registration is now open

The registration process is now open at both distances in your Web page

Two distances

The Tres Cantos triathlon will have 2 distances Sprint and Super Sprint this year. These are your tours



The organization, in a statement, explained the security measures that have been taken

«Since the beginning of April we have been working in tune with the ITU and with the Fetri, continuously exchanging information and contributing our experience and already in the first days of April we published the security protocol for the Half of Madrid, possibly the first protocol that was published in Spain for a sporting event.

Our intention has been to work to be prepared the moment they let us return.

Last week, all the Autonomous Communities and specifically Madrid, published the regulations that regulate sporting events and we can take the step firmly and safely, this is not the time for the brave, but for the prudent and responsible, and we are.

Talking or writing about security is very easy, the important thing is to demonstrate it with facts and the first is to be clear about what to do, for that we follow the Fetri protocol 100%, and the second is to equip yourself with the appropriate resources.

We have made investments in the necessary materials and a significant part of the test budget is dedicated to security, we have not left anything to chance.

We care about the safety of athletes, but also ours, that of our team, that of volunteers, that of officers, that of providers and all those who configure a sporting event.

And another important aspect, it is not that we are in a hurry to start, which of course as it happens to all sectors, the economic situation is very hard and we need to work, but we are aware of the calendar overload that exists in Autumn and locating this test From Tres Cantos on July 19, we helped to oxygenate the rest of the season a little.

That day, July 19, many eyes will be on Tres Cantos, the success of this test will depend largely on the development of the rest of the season in the Community of Madrid, we will put all our efforts into achieving it, but if We have always needed you, at this time support with your presence is essential, together we will achieve it. We wait for you in Tres Cantos«


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