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Zaragoza is without triathlon

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The definitive suspension of the Zaragoza Triathlon Trofeo Ibercaja Ciudad de Zaragoza has been announced

The Aragonese Triathlon Federation has sent us the communication received by the organizers of the 3rd Zaragoza Triathlon Trofeo Ibercaja Ciudad de Zaragoza in which they communicate the definitive suspension of the event.

In the next days from the FATRI will proceed to the full refund of the inscriptions to all athletes enrolled in the competition.

There will be neither Triathlon nor Duathlon the October 1.

"Through this release, the Zaragoza Triathlon organization (Pasionporeltri and Transizion) confirms that there will be no triathlon or duathlon in the Aragonese capital next October 1. The first thing we want to do is to apologize to all the people that, unintentionally, we have dizzy in recent months.

There will be no triathlon for which almost everyone already knows: the floodgate is not going to be repaired until the month of October ... as announced by the city council itself.

Knowing this, a couple of weeks ago we probed the possibility of doing a duathlon in the same environment, even knowing that on summer dates it is complicated that these requests proceed with diligence.

Seen what was seen, one month after the supposed competition, without institutional help (the other way around, with the obligation to pay a fee for the use of public roads), without private sponsorships (except for the phenomenal collaboration of Frutos Secos el Rincón), with the circuits for "retouching", with the need for everything to pass the "public services" filter ... we feel unable to pull forward in this framework of continuous uncertainty and feeling of always begging.

In 2018, if the dam has recovered its normal operation, we will request the third edition of the Zaragoza Triathlon. Only in this scenario, because it seems to us that it is the only one that gives proof of a seal of quality of difficult comparison in Spain. "

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