Tribute to the Home of Ferro

About 40 athletes gather to bid farewell to the national test that had to be canceled

Around 40 pitiusos athletes met yesterday in the Paseo de Figueretes to bury the Home de Ferro, a national triathlon test that was canceled for economic reasons and the lack of permits. The tribute was the same day the national title should have been disputed. Nostalgia for past times presided over an event promoted by triathletes David Pérez and José Luis Gambacorta.

The meeting also had a certain claiming component. There were no screams of protests or placards of complaint, but the mere presence of a large group of people, including several members of the organization of the competition, is already a message of protest: this situation cannot be repeated.

Because Ferro's Home was not the only test affected by the bureaucracy. Last week the Semimarató, promoted by the Club Atletisme Pitiús, could not be developed as it came face to face with the refusal of Traffic to allow athletes to run on the Sant Josep road. Some defied the ban and completed the initially planned 21 kilometers.

Yesterday's sporting event was somewhat similar. At 8 in the morning, about fifteen triathletes jumped into a rough sea and completed 1,5 kilometers of swimming, observed by a local Vila police from the firm ground of the Paseo de ses Figueretes.

The number of athletes increased to 25 in the bicycle sector, which started at nine. The route was as planned: Figueretes, Can Cifre, Es Cubells detour and Cala d´Hort (round trip). On the last track, in the foot race, the group grew to almost 40 people. They jogged around the promenade. They were the last steps of Ferro's Home.


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