TriStar Madrid, 60 days left

The most fun format in the world of triathlon, TriStar Madrid, arrives in 60 days at Casa de Campo and offers more options than ever, both to the regulars of this sport and to those who want to debut, or even to companies as an incentive to your employees. Enjoy this sport individually, in relays, and now also as a team, in the purest 'cyclist time trial' style, on July 2 and 3. It will be the first edition of TriStar Madrid.

The test with the greatest participation will be the TriStar111 Madrid on Sunday July 3, comprising 1 km of swimming in the lake, 100 km of cycling with Drafting allowed (you can go in peloton), to finish with 10 km of running on foot to the spectacular finish line next to the lake. Additionally, the TriStar111 Madrid can be completed by relay teams of two or three members: one reliever nothing, another makes the cyclist segment, and another the race on foot.

As a world novelty, on Saturday, July 2, the TriStar T111, by teams, where up to 5 triathletes representing the same team will compete together, giving relays for example in the cycling segment (even the option of having a support car, team manager ... is offered).

In this T111 mode the Drafting It will only be allowed between members of the same team. At least 4 of these triathletes have to reach the finish line, and it will be the third of them to cross it that marks the final time in the classification.

These novel ways of completing the TriStar Madrid expand the range of options to enjoy this international event in a very fun way, since this way many athletes from various disciplines will be able to approach the long distance triathlon in a more comfortable and affordable way than their possibilities. .

The modality for relay teams and T111 teams are ideal for cyclists, runners or swimmers to make their debut in this type of event, as well as for groups of friends and co-workers to live a unique day.

Relay teams can be made up of two or three members. If there are three relievers, each one completes one of the sectors and gives the relief to the teammate in the transition area, giving him the time control chip.

In the case of only two relievers, one of them must complete two sectors in a row. In addition, teams can be made up of men only, women, or mixed. The relay team format is a good way for companies to sign up teams of employees, so that co-workers, friends, or training partners can enjoy triathlon in a more affordable and fun way if possible.

The T111, which is held on Saturday, July 2, is an ideal option for clubs or for companies looking for a new way of sponsorship or Team Building activity. 5 members are required willing to complete the 111 km of race together. With this modality, we take another turn of the screw and transform a traditionally individual sport into a team one, where solidarity and common effort among all members is the only way to success.

The TriStar formats are easy to understand, do not require a year-long registration commitment, and most importantly, the relatively short swimming and running allow for a faster recovery after triathlon and above. all more fun! This format has a total length of 111 kilometers, making it easy to understand the TriStar approach: choose your favorite cycling distance and then divide by 10 for running and by 100 for swimming: 1 km swimming, 100 km cycling and 10 km of running is the sum of the TriStar111 Madrid.

In addition, TriStar Madrid will also have a solidarity character, focused on the social responsibility of the event, through the Livestrong Foundation and the fight against cancer. Another objective is to promote a triathlon that is respectful with the environment and focused on sustainable development, through the program.

This will be the second test that TriStar holds this year in Spain, after the total success of the TriStar Mallorca on April 17, which featured the participation of the best long-distance triathlete in the world, Chris 'Macca' McCormack, two-time champion of the Ironman world, and other great triathletes such as Marcel Zamora, Olivier Marceau, Normann Stadler ... In addition, Madrid joins the list of world Star Events events that are completed with different formats and distances: Berlin (Germany), Split (Croatia), Nevis ( SKN), Mallorca (ESP), Worms (GER), Madrid (ESP), Lyon (FRA), Otepää (EST), Monaco (MON) and Sardinia (ITA).

The registration period is now open through the event's official website: It will have a limit of 500 registered, and 30 teams for T111. The TriStar111 Madrid is organized by Star Events Spain, which is part of the Star Events world sporting events, and is organized with the collaboration and support of the Madrid Triathlon Federation.

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