TRITON, changing the rules of the game in triathlon

The endurance sports brand TRITON It reaches 2023 strongly with two tests in Portugal.

There are two tests with different formats, one in Portimão (Algarve) and another in the city of Lisbon.

In this article we tell you the philosophy of the brand and what their careers consist of.

TRITON have always organized their competitions in the same way for decades and they are always trying to improve and do something different with the athlete in their focus.

Their competitions are not the usual ones, since there are some characteristics that make them unique.

The race formats

TRITON is not a 3-day or just 1-day triathlon event, but rather is a multi-sport endurance brand that organizes 3-day triathlons, 1-day “regular” triathlons, swim runs, trail running, open water swimming and long-distance events.

In the TRITON events you will find differences, above all in the way of choosing the distances, since They do not have a fixed distance for each race or for each sport.

They believe that the distance must be adapted to the place where the race is held so that the athlete can enjoy the best experience in each venue.

You don't always have to run over the same distances.

However, all races and all distances have something in common, they always follow the rules and format of TRITON numerology.

They follow Nikola Tesla's theory of 3, 6 and 9 and believe that these numbers contain the key to the universe.

All the tests and distances in TRITON have been designed following the rule of 3, 6 and 9.

From the number of colors of the brand, to the distances of each race, through the number of races and competitions, the number of tests in the series and the price of registration, everything follows the same pattern and the same rules of numerology. , and again".

The championship

The series will also have The Championship, with a rather unique format and classification process.

The championship consists of compete in the 3 day format.

The first day will be swimming, the second the bicycle and the third of the foot race.

To qualify, it is enough to participate in any official TRITON event in the 12 months prior to the championship.

The calendar

In addition to the races in Portugal, 3 new venues will soon be announced for the 2023 series.

Promotion Lisbon and Portimão

By registering for the Lisbon test, you will receive a 25% discount code for Portimão.

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TRITON Lisboa is a 1-day “regular” triathlon format and TRITON Portimão is a 3-day racing triathlon.


The date chosen for its celebration has been May 6 and will have several distances.

Swimming Cycling Race on foot
SHORTS 600m 22,5 km 5,4 km
MIDDLE 1,2 km 45 km 10,5 km
FULL 1,8 km 90 km 21 km

TRITON Portimão

It will be held between October 28, 29 and 30, 2023 in the Algarve.

Swimming Cycling Race on foot
SHORTS 1,5 km 30 km 9 km
MIDDLE 3 km 60 km 18 km
FULL 4,5 km 90 km 27 km

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